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Science of Reading Webinars

Expand your expertise with live and on-demand webinars that fit your schedule. We bring you today’s literacy education experts to share best practices, new resources, and inspiration.

A reading teacher greeting her class in front of a white board with a phonics lesson
A literacy specialist works with his small group using tactile science-based resources

10 questions & 4 tips for transforming literacy leadership

Get answers to the 10 questions every site-based leader needs to answer about student literacy achievement, tiered instruction, and aligning your reading program with evidence.

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Dr. Tracy White Weeden, President & CEO of Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, TX

If I am a lifelong learner I never have it all figured out. I stay curious and I ask myself powerful questions. I ask other people powerful questions, and I realize that as an instructional leader, if I am not asking myself those tough questions, am I really creating an ecosystem where people can thrive and grow and transform?

Tracy White Weeden, EdD

President & CEO, Neuhaus Education Center

Featured webinars

95 Percent Group webinars provide an accessible forum for professional learning with today’s leading literacy experts. Deepen your understanding of how to master effective literacy instruction based in the science of reading.

Students in a phonics-based instructional class gain skills that are measured by assessments.

Literacy Rising in Mississippi

Mississippi was once ranked last in the nation for reading achievement, but today has turned the tide. In this webinar, Dr. Kymyona Burk, Mississippi’s former state literacy director and now a senior policy fellow at ExcelinEd, and Kelly Butler, CEO of the Barksdale Reading Institute, share the strategic policies and actions that created this literacy success.

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African-American female educator waves happily to laptop camera while accessing online webinar training from her home office.

Improving Instructional Practices & Student Outcomes with Top 10 Tools

Top 10 Tools founder, Dr. Deb Glaser shared her rationale for creating this comprehensive course that empowers educators with the knowledge they need to develop proficient readers. Watch to learn more about the 10 self-paced modules that reflect the critical components of reading instruction and take an in-depth view of the user experience as Deb shares Tool 4: Phonics and Spelling – Effective Decoding and Encoding Instruction.

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Latina elementary school student holds notebook while smiling in grade school classroom.

Bringing Reading Science to Practice for English Learners: A Transformation Story

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Dr. Antonio Fierro, Vice President Professional Learning and Academics at 95 Percent Group, are joined by education leaders from the Irving Independent School District in Irving, TX, to share how applying current reading science research to instruction positively impacts English learner outcomes.

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Four older elementary school students smile and embrace in front of books in the library

95 Percent Group + Tools 4 Reading: The Perfect Partnership

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group, and Dr. Mary Dahlgren, Founder of Tools 4 Reading and Literacy Executive in Residence at 95 Percent Group, talk about what this new partnership means for educators and how it will effectively support instructional practices.

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Five teachers in a targeted literacy education session for professional learning

95 Phonics Core Program: Applying Reading Science to Transform Instruction

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville,  Director, Content Development, 95 Percent Group, were joined by Amy Bybee, Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Director, and Laura Meyer, Fifth Grade Teacher with Ottawa School District in Kansas. They shared first-hand examples of how the 95 Percent Group phonics ecosystem has impacted students and teachers in the Ottawa school district.

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Dr. Tracy White Weeden

Texas Tipping Point

Prepare to be inspired.

Learn why Dr. Tracy White Weeden, President & CEO of Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, TX, views Texas as a “tipping point” for advancing literacy and why she says educators are the “inventors of the future.”

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A teacher helps middle school students during language arts and literacy block

What is a Phonics Ecosystem & Why Does it Matter?

In this webinar, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director, Content Development, were joined by Renee Hall, Supervisor of K-5 Reading, and Barbara Karsnitz, Second Grade Teacher with Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland who shared their literacy success story.

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A teacher calls on students with hands raised during a phonological awareness lesson

Texas Tipping Point: How Literacy Is Changing In Texas

Dr. Tracy White Weeden, President & CEO of Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, TX, recently joined Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group, to discuss advancing literacy and academic excellence for children and adults

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Middle school students in intervention small group classroom with pencils and phonics workbooks

Achieving Success with MTSS: Supporting Students in ALL Tiers of Instruction

During this session, Laura shared a list of tangible MTSS success factors observed in schools  that are achieving significant gains in student literacy.  She takes a closer look to determine what consistent structures and instructional practices are found in schools achieving MTSS success – and what’s missing in schools that are struggling to improve student outcomes.

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Older elementary school students enjoy an outdoor reading session

Summer School That Works: Explicit, Efficient, and Effective

This session was designed to help district and school leaders guide your program planning process, strengthen your curriculum, reduce summer school teacher stress, and improve student learning outcomes by effectively addressing skill gaps in just a few weeks.

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Four older elementary school students smile and embrace in front of books in the library

On-Demand Webinar: Applying Reading to Transform Instruction

Learn about a comprehensive literacy solution for all tiers across grades K-5. Find out how a structured curriculum benefits students and simplifies teacher preparation. This webinar also explains evidence-based literacy instruction and resources.

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Five teachers in a targeted literacy education session for professional learning

Small Group Structured Literacy Instruction

The right small group instruction can be an effective alternative to leveled learning. Learn strategies for creating student differentiation with small groups. This session explores materials, routines, and diagnostic assessments that give educators instructional options.

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A reading teacher points out word endings on a white board

Professional learning on the science of reading

Our experienced 95 Percent Group network of consultants offer courses on a wide variety of literacy topics and provide comprehensive product training to improve learning outcomes.

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of early elementary classrooms spend insufficient time providing direct instruction on all English phonemes

Science of reading in action

95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Spotlight Texas: Literacy grows in Glen Rose


improvement among second graders reading at grade level

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