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Efficacy Studies

Trust in literacy solutions that have been proven effective. Designed with guidance from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), our efficacy studies meet the highest levels of evidence.

95 Phonics Core Program® efficacy study

A year-long study of 95 Phonics Core Program conducted in Missouri demonstrated that students who used the program outperformed those in all grades K-2 who did not use the program. Results support ESSA Level 1 evidence for product effectiveness across these grade levels.

The data show a positive, significant impact on student Acadience scores for all grades (K-2) on multiple subtests, as well as on composite scores for kindergarten and grade 2.

95 Phonics Lesson Library® efficacy study

Intervention students using 95 Phonics Lesson Library showed higher gains on the CORE Phonics Survey and Acadience Reading than the comparison group in first grade on multiple measures.

One95 grades K-1 efficacy study

National reporting on the opportunity gap from before the pandemic to fall 2021 showed a slight dip in students across the country reading on grade level. For Wicomico County Public Schools, the loss was two to three times greater. The district needed to bring transformational change to their reading instruction.

One95 grades 2-3 efficacy study

Wicomico County Public School students using One95 products in year 2 saw higher gains than students in year 1 (8% to 35% in Grade 2, and 9% to 29% in Grade 3). In year two, the percentage of students on or above benchmark more than doubled from fall to spring using the 95 Phonics Core Program. Read more below.

Educators see results

“Five months into implementation, I got a message from a teacher that said, ‘My 95 PCP assessment data was at 63 percent mastery for assessment one. And now, at assessment three, my students are at 92 percent mastery.’ Our goal is 95 percent mastery and we have three months of school left!”–Jen Burton, Director of Literacy, Fulton County Schools

95 Phonics Chip Kit™ efficacy study

The treatment school outperformed the comparison school in both grades in 2021–2022. Over the two years, the effect size of the 95 Percent Group portfolio (treatment) group was double that of the comparison group.

95 Teaching Blending™ efficacy report

Students who read whole words blended without subvocalizing will score higher starting in the middle of first grade, and Common Core standards reflect that expectation.

Digital Promise’s Research-Based Design Product Certification recognizes the edtech products that incorporate research about learning into their design and development. Congratulations to 95 Percent Group for demonstrating that research informs product design.

95 Multisyllable Routine™ Cards efficacy study

Students in year two saw higher gains than students in year one by simply adding Multisyllable Routine Cards to daily instruction. Gains made by students below grade level using MSRC resulted in meaningful increases in students working on or above grade level by spring.

95 Phonemic Awareness Lessons Deluxe™ efficacy study

Students using 95 Phonemic Awareness Lessons showed higher gains on Acadience Reading than the comparison group on multiple measures in kindergarten, earning the product a listing on Evidence for ESSA.

95 Comprehension Grades 3-6 efficacy study

The research is very clear on what good readers do to make meaning out of text.

Student hard at work

Don’t take our word for it

Our products have been verified to meet the highest standards by trusted experts and third-party organizations.

Evidence for ESSA verified

Rigorous independent efficacy research confirms our phonics program accelerates reading improvement for all K-2 students. 95 Phonics Core Program is now listed on the Evidence for ESSA website for Tier 1, Whole-Class Instruction.

Digital Promise certified

Certified by Digital Promise for “Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products” confirms our product design is based in the science of reading.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Have peace of mind knowing that each of our products is aligned to Common Core State Standards, supporting students in mastering the specific standard required—from recognition and phonics milestones to reading fluency.

Recommended by state boards of education

A growing number of states that are realigning reading instruction to the science of reading are approving One95 literacy products as recommended literacy curriculum resources.

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95 Percent Group Announces that 95 RAP, a Proven Solution for Tier 3 Reading Intervention, is Now Part of the One95 Literacy Platform

Reading Achievement Program supports teachers in providing intensive, individualized small group instruction to accelerate reading improvement for students with persistent reading difficulties, including dyslexia

This program, when given regularly and with fidelity, makes a huge difference for readers because it allows us to identify and address skill gaps; intervention time is more effective than a program where everything is addressed. The gains that I have seen with my students after implementation of this program have been tremendous, oftentimes more gains in a few months than they have experienced in many years of other intervention.

Special Education Teacher

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95 Percent Group connects literacy educators with the expertise and resources to navigate today’s learning landscape.

One95 Products
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increase in the percentage of kindergarteners on or above grade level after adding One95 Literacy Ecosystem

Efficacy Studies Articles

New report: phonics reduces summer learning loss

A new, independent research report conducted by Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research shows that using explicit, systematic phonics instruction during the school year can decrease summer learning loss, reducing the need for intervention during the following school year. (Download the report.)


reduction in summer slide for rising 3rd graders who had learned with 95 Phonics Core Program throughout the school year.

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Rachel Schechter, PhD

There are more than 8,000 products used in K-12 schools and fewer than 1 percent have earned this Digital Promise certification.

Rachel Schechter, PhD

Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research
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One95 integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers — so you’re ready and able to help every child realize their reading potential.

Created by and for educators, One95 helps students build and fortify the foundational and advanced skills they need to grow as independent readers.

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of students reading at or above grade level in classrooms after just six months of using the One95 literacy system.

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Our successes are grounded in our customers’ direct experiences with our products, and our insights and best practices help guide the field forward.

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For nearly two decades, our literacy solutions and instructional practices have empowered educators to accelerate reading improvement and unleash the joy of literacy.


Gain access to the latest research, resources, and expertise that are shaping the science of reading and demonstrating its impact.

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Explore cutting-edge resources from the field to help you bridge knowledge and practice as you bring the science of reading to your school or district.

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Engaging, cohesive, and intuitively designed for you and your students, the One95 literacy system helps you build a modular literacy toolkit to effectively teach tomorrow’s readers.

Explore the complete One95 literacy system

One95 integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instruction across tiers.


95 Phonics Core Program®

Explicit, systematic, and cumulative Tier 1 phonics instruction for the whole class. Strategically designed to reduce or prevent intervention needs before they arise.

95 Phonics Lesson Library™

A comprehensive phonics intervention program for Tier 2, small-group instruction, complete with ready-to-use lesson plans, learning aids, and templates for turnkey instruction.

Multisyllable Routine Cards™

Targeted instruction for readers learning to decode and pronounce multisyllabic words — a critical step to reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

95 Phonics Chip Kit™

This kit is a fun and effective tool to help students understand phonics patterns through the use of manipulatives and sound-spelling maps.