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Partner with our expert coaches to gain the intentional, continual support your educators need to effectively deliver lessons and ensure your program investments deliver lasting results.

Implementation with integrity

Unlock literacy for every child by helping administrators, principals, coaches, and educators build skills and revise practice through a powerful coaching cycle of direction, practice, and feedback.

Why is coaching important?

Coaching offers implementation guidance and support and:

  • Provides a path to sustainability
  • Increases teacher knowledge and ability to deliver instruction effectively
  • Moves building focus to data-based decision making
  • Supports the goal of administrators as instructional leaders
  • Increases teacher confidence
  • Positively impacts student achievement

The coaching cycle: maximize outcomes

Get more from your literacy resources by ensuring a successful implementation.

Protect your investment

Coaching recipients demonstrate higher knowledge level, skill attainment, and transfer to practice, ensuring effective adoption of new resources.

Get lasting results

Through data-driven instructional planning, deep understanding of best practices, and the establishment of positive routines, teachers stay in a productive cycle that powers professional development and student achievement.

See continuous improvement

Ongoing coaching introduces teachers to instruction, assessment, adjustment, and feedback that creates a cycle of success and growth.

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Continual support

Whether you’re an administrator, coach, teacher, interventionist, specialist, or special education instructor, our expert coaching helps you build sustainable, effective practices.

Year one: implementation with full support

Establish grade-level performance, group students, and set goals for student growth with coaching rooted in lesson delivery and fidelity.

Year two: celebrate and evaluate

You’ll reflect on lesson fidelity, focusing on what worked, what needs additional support, how students are progressing, and where improvements might be made.

Year three: reflect, refine, repeat

Our coaches help you through full implementation, adoption, and ongoing reflection, preparing your teachers to work independently and to utilize every available resource in lesson delivery.

Laura Stewart Headshot

I believe that 95 Percent Group is uniquely positioned to help guide the way for an ever increasing science of reading base in our country. We provide the entire ecosystem for teachers and their students. This includes professional learning, assessment, and instructional resources so that teachers can turn theory into practice and help each child make progress.

Laura Stewart

Chief Academic Officer

Ready to achieve better outcomes?

Protect the value of your investment while boosting the skill and confidence of educators with onsite and virtual strategic coaching support.

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Ready to achieve better outcomes?

Expand your expertise

Our experts provide the support you need to improve your understanding and implementation of the science of reading in your classroom, school, and district.


95 RAP™

Data-driven and expertly-designed, 95 RAP (Reading Achievement Program) is an innovative intervention program that equips teachers with the tools to support struggling readers.

Professional learning courses

Bridge what you know with what you do, developing the knowledge and practices you need to implement our trusted methods and build on the science of reading in your classroom.

Product workshops

Partner with our literacy experts through interactive, online product training, and get more from the proven methods and resources in the One95™ Literacy Ecosystem™.

Science of reading symposia

Designed for educators and school leaders, this series will help you transform your curriculum with literacy instruction based in the science of reading.


Access exciting discussions live or on-demand, and discover new perspectives, advancements, and insights in the world of literacy with industry leaders in the science of reading.