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Product workshops

Master effective literacy instruction – and make the most out of the trusted, proven methods and resources in the One95™ Literacy Ecosystem™ – with interactive, online product training.

Deepen your product knowledge

Work with leading experts on the science of reading to expand your understanding of how our products connect research to practice, and how to effectively use each product.

Tier 2 Intervention virtual product workshops

Join our experts to improve the implementation of our Tier 2 science of reading-aligned intervention resources and diagnostic screeners. Learn more about providing target instruction to close skill gaps and move students out of intervention more quickly,

Science of Reading + 95 Phonics Core Program® virtual workshops

Learn more about applying reading science to instructional practices to improve your 95 Phonics Core Program implementation. Each day focuses on a specific grade level, K-5 to accelerate student outcomes.

Morpheme Magic professional learning

Dive into the Morpheme Magic and Morphemes for Little Ones lessons during our engaging 6-hour boot camp to develop your understanding of morphological awareness and apply effective instructional practices.

Sound Wall classes

Learn how to use our Sound Wall products to help students match the articulation of speech sounds and phonemes to the letters and graphemes that represent those sounds.

Spellography workshops

Attend a workshop to learn more about seamlessly adding Spellography to your reading and language arts curriculum to help students in grades 4-12 understand the English spelling system and develop critical spelling skills to improve reading and writing outcomes.

95 RAP™

Data-driven and expertly-designed, 95 RAP (Reading Achievement Program) is an innovative intervention program that equips teachers with the tools to support struggling readers.

Featured: Science of Reading + 95 Phonics Core Program® workshops

Gain grade-level expertise in our virtual workshops that combine the latest science of reading research (SoR) with best implementation practices for using the Tier 1, resource you love, 95 Phonics Core Program.

Discover the latest research

Hear our experts examine the prevailing science supporting reading acquisition and instruction.

Improve instructional practices

Leverage deeper understanding of reading science and effective whole-class implementation.

Focus by grade level: K-5

Find the perfect solution for your grade-level needs, with daily topics spanning letter-sound instruction and handwriting through decoding, encoding, and morphological awareness.

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Without a doubt, the greatest impact on student learning has been the 95 Phonics Core Program and the teacher content knowledge gained from the professional learning that supported the implementation and beyond.

Gina Looney

District reading and RTI coordinator, Franklin Special School District

Interested in our product workshops?

Partner with our experts to get the most from your use of the One95 Literacy Ecosystem.

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Interested in our product workshops?

Expand your expertise

Build expertise on the science of reading and bring trusted, proven teaching methods and resources to your students and schools.


Top 10 Tools™

Deepen your understanding of the science of reading through 10 self-paced, easy-to-use, and comprehensive modules, so you can deliver more effective instruction across every tier, at every grade level.


Partner with our expert coaches to gain the intentional, continual support your educators need to effectively deliver lessons and ensure your program investments deliver lasting results.

Professional learning courses

Bridge what you know with what you do, developing the knowledge and practices you need to implement our trusted methods and build on the science of reading in your classroom.

Science of reading symposia

Designed for educators and school leaders, this series will help you transform your curriculum with literacy instruction based in the science of reading.


Access exciting discussions live or on-demand, and discover new perspectives, advancements, and insights in the world of literacy with industry leaders in the science of reading.

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