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Success Stories

For nearly two decades, our literacy solutions and instructional practices have empowered educators to accelerate reading improvement and unleash the joy of literacy.

Every Child Reads: Fulton County

Fulton County had many schools that were not producing strong readers. Something needed to change. And it did. School leaders and educators worked together to unlock the power of literacy for every child. Watch their success story.

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Success begins with our professional learning services that help educators bridge knowledge and practice as they implement the science of reading in their classrooms. Then, by following our proven program for whole-class instruction along with assessments that pinpoint student skill deficits and map to instructional resources that provide targeted small-group instruction, schools can expect to see significant gains in student reading achievement. It’s common for schools working with us to see 90% or more of their students move above benchmark—even within the first year.

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Spotlight Pennsylvania: Empowering 4th and 5th grade students with foundational phonics instruction

I truly feel like this is structured literacy, and I know that it’s the way we should be moving to build the necessary foundational skills for our students.

Kayla Steffens 5th grade teacher, Park Hills Elementary

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Structured Literacy is a Non-Negotiable in Ohio

Although educators at Fairless Elementary School had started the LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) training in 2016, many things—including the unexpected pandemic in 2020—caused them to put it on hold. Eventually, they extended their license and finished the training in 2021. According to Adam Amato, elementary reading instructional specialist celebrating his 10th year in education, the major takeaways and a detailed look at what their students and teachers needed to be successful led them to ultimately look for instructional materials that would fit their new non-negotiable of Structured Literacy.

It’s not easy for teachers to hear ‘we want you to change what you’re doing.’ The truth is that once we got into looking at everything the curriculum offered, I didn’t have to work very hard because the products are so great.

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Spotlight Colorado: Professional learning helps close the literacy gap

Tasked with improving student literacy achievement at her school, Dalton Elementary School Principal Jessica Abel-Pype recognized the transformative potential of the evidence-based, structured literacy resources from 95 Percent Group. After partnering with 95 Percent Group and its literacy coaches, Dalton Elementary School began experiencing a significant rise in school performance and student literacy.

We were beginning to see a common instructional language across tiers of instruction for teachers and students. We were growing together and putting the systems in place that support student learning and achievement.

JESSICA ABEL-PYPE School Principal, Dalton Elementary School, Aurora, CO

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Explicit phonics instruction is raising the bar in Tennessee

Teaching children to read is hard work. FSSD teachers have been persevering to ensure all students’ needs are met. In particular, they knew that their K-3 students needed phonics instruction that was more explicit, more structured, and that could truly prepare students to be grade-level readers.

Fast forward a few years, and the 2023-24 school year marks year three of the district-wide implementation of 95 Phonics Core Program®. Teachers are teaching the program confidently, students are engaged in learning foundational phonics skills, and the results are undeniable evidence that this approach works.

Without a doubt, the greatest impact on student learning has been the 95 Phonics Core Program and the teacher content knowledge gained from the professional learning that supported the implementation and beyond.


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Spotlight Washington: Professional learning, key resources bring literacy improvement

When the Title I/Learning Assistance Program (LAP) specialists of Edmonds School District noticed the number of students requiring intervention continued to grow despite the amount of resources available, they realized that they needed a more systematic approach to their literacy toolkit.

There is no doubt in my mind that the greatest success is the fact that we have the Phonics Core Program and that it was adopted.

Megan McCarthy, Title I/LAP Specialist Edmonds School District, Washington

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Spotlight North Carolina: Phonics instruction takes root

Dr. Lutashia Dove, came into her role as elementary and preschool director for Edgecombe County Public Schools with a passion for literacy and a strong conviction that every child deserves access to quality reading instruction. After learning about 95 Percent Group at a conference, she realized that structured and explicit phonics curriculum was what her teachers and students were missing. Read the full story to see how their intentional implementation has all students growing toward grade level reading less than a year in!

I’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years. Hands down, the best customer service we’ve received. We send a text or an email asking a question, and within 24 hours we have always gotten help. That doesn’t happen with other vendors. 95 Percent Group comes in, watches our teachers, and offers feedback or helps teach lessons. It’s not just part of the marketing, they actually do what they say they will do.


Success Story Resources

Spotlight Missouri: Systematic phonics instruction moves all students forward

The vocabulary that’s being used between the intervention teacher and the classroom teacher is aligned, and we’re just seeing great results from that.

Libbie Bird Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, Joplin Schools

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Trust in the process: How phonics instruction is changing the game in Arizona

Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) serves a diverse student population, with a substantial Title I representation (50%-60% receiving free and reduced lunch). Recognizing gaps in their Tier 1 literacy program, especially in phonics instruction, FUSD introduced district-wide science of reading training while concurrently assessing supplemental phonics programs. This led to the district signing on to be a research site for 95 Percent Group’s 95 Phonics Core Program™ during the 2022-23 academic year. Keep reading to find out how adding evidence-based phonics instruction impacted student outcomes.

The second grade teachers have been able to move faster at the beginning of this year; they feel like their students have grasped the concepts more quickly because of all the time they spent in first grade with 95 Percent Group’s 95 Phonics Core Program.

Portrait of Nikki Porter

I am seeing double digit gains in K-5—double digit.

Nikki Porter, Principal

Stonewall Tell Elementary School

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Spotlight Washington: Why a district in Seattle suburbs turned to Tools 4 Reading solutions

Mercer Island School District in Washington adopted Tools 4 Reading solutions to enhance literacy instruction, providing resources like Kid Lips Cards, Phoneme/Grapheme Cards, and sound walls. Assistant Director Nova Williams noted the tools’ usability and consistency, which have significantly benefited teachers and students, especially during virtual learning and for supporting students with dyslexia.

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Research-based best practices for implementing a Tier 1 phonics program

Recently we spoke with David Mack, EdD, Chief Administrator of Business Services. David has worn many hats in his time in the Fairfax School District—from math teacher to school principal. He did his dissertation on the topic Improving Fidelity of Implementation of a Tier I Phonics Program: An Improvement Science Study.* We spoke with him about his research, his experience in the district, and what he’s learned about best practices in implementation of the science of reading, including the 95 Phonics Core Program®.

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95 RAP shines a light on Tier 3 literacy intervention in North Carolina

Two schools in Franklin County, North Carolina are unlocking literacy for Tier 3 intervention students with 95 RAP™, our teacher-led, digital, small group intervention solution. Read the full story to hear about how they have implemented this science of reading-aligned tool in order to help close literacy skill gaps with personalized learning.

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Best practices for your Tier 2 literacy solution: Lessons learned from a California school district

Located in a small community in southeast Bakersfield, California, Fairfax School District serves 2,688 students across four schools, with a fifth on the way. In a recent interview, David Mack, EdD, Chief Administrator of Business Services, and Charley Clark, Assistant Superintendent, discussed the district’s successful Tier 2 phonics program implementation, which has been pivotal in advancing their structured literacy journey.

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95 Phonics Core Program is now listed on the Evidence for ESSA website for Tier 1, Whole-Class Instruction.

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There are more than 9,000 products used in K-12 schools and fewer than 1 percent have earned this Digital Promise certification.

Rachel Schechter, PhD

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Spotlight California: Courage, leadership, and the science of reading light the way for Panther Valley

It takes courageous leadership to stay the course with a laser focus on doing what’s best for students. Robert Palazzo, principal at Panther Valley Elementary School in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania, boldly made the decision to bring change. He turned to 95 Percent Group and let the science of reading lead the way.

We talk a lot about fostering a love of reading—but you have to be able to understand what you’re reading to love reading. Decoding is the beginning of this.

Robert Palazzo Principal, Panther Valley Elementary School

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Spotlight Maryland: Science of reading transforms literacy

Here we take an in-depth look at the Wicomico School District in Maryland, whose leadership and literacy team worked together to transform their approach to reading instruction. They saw, in return, strong student improvement. One changemaker, Dr. Renee R. Hall, offers tips for other educators on advancing literacy in their school or district.

Our kids are part of whole-class instruction with 95 Phonics Core Program and then, if they need more focused help, they use the intervention materials that employ the same methods. For students, this connected experience is so much smoother. It’s like being able to talk in the same language.

Dr. Renee R. Hall Supervisor of Reading K-5, Wicomico County Public Schools

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of students reading at or above grade level in classrooms after just six months of using the One95 literacy system.

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Trust in literacy solutions that have been proven effective. Designed with guidance from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), our efficacy studies meet the highest levels of evidence.

Efficacy studies

Trust in literacy solutions that have been proven effective. Designed with guidance from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), our efficacy studies meet the highest levels of evidence.


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