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Success Stories

For nearly two decades, our literacy solutions and instructional practices have empowered educators to accelerate reading improvement and unleash the joy of literacy.

Every Child Reads: Fulton County

Fulton County had many schools that were not producing strong readers. Something needed to change. And it did. School leaders and educators worked together to unlock the power of literacy for every child. Watch their success story.

Dedicated to school success

Success begins with our professional learning services that help educators bridge knowledge and practice as they implement the science of reading in their classrooms. Then, by following our proven program for whole-class instruction along with assessments that pinpoint student skill deficits and map to instructional resources that provide targeted small-group instruction, schools can expect to see significant gains in student reading achievement. It’s common for schools working with us to see 90% or more of their students move above benchmark—even within the first year.

Success Story Resources

Spotlight California: Driving momentum for systemic literacy change

Val Verde Unified School District is the smaller of two districts in Riverside County, California, and is located southeast of Los Angeles, serving approximately 20,000 students across 21 schools. Schools in Val Verde were facing several challenges in improving student reading outcomes and have been on a journey to strategically implement science of reading practice in their classrooms for a number of years. Val Verde’s journey highlights the importance of evidence-based, data-driven instruction, ongoing support, and a commitment to equitable education for all students.

We started responding to the intervention data, but also asking the question: How does this connect back to Tier 1? Can we be responsive and preventative by doing two things at the same time?

AIMEE GARCIA K-12 Director of Education Services, Val Verde Unified School District, CA

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From Theory to Practice: See The Science of Reading in Action in Ogden, Utah

Situated in the “pocket” of Weber County, Utah, Ogden City School District serves an inner-city population rich with multicultural diversity. When the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) passed a mandated bill addressing low reading scores, and the approach educators use to teach reading, school leaders went in search of a solution that would help all students learn to read more effectively. They chose several products from the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™.

Everyone is excited for students to start the school year more equipped for grade level work.

Success Story Resources

Professional learning helps close the literacy gap in Colorado

Tasked with improving student literacy achievement at her school, Dalton Elementary School Principal Jessica Abel-Pype recognized the transformative potential of the evidence-based, structured literacy resources from 95 Percent Group. After partnering with 95 Percent Group and its literacy coaches, Dalton Elementary School began experiencing a significant rise in school performance and student literacy.

We were beginning to see a common instructional language across tiers of instruction for teachers and students. We were growing together and putting the systems in place that support student learning and achievement.

JESSICA ABEL-PYPE School Principal, Dalton Elementary School, Aurora, CO

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Explicit phonics instruction is raising the bar in Tennessee

Teaching children to read is hard work. FSSD teachers have been persevering to ensure all students’ needs are met. In particular, they knew that their K-3 students needed phonics instruction that was more explicit, more structured, and that could truly prepare students to be grade-level readers.

Fast forward a few years, and the 2023-24 school year marks year three of the district-wide implementation of 95 Phonics Core Program®. Teachers are teaching the program confidently, students are engaged in learning foundational phonics skills, and the results are undeniable evidence that this approach works.

Without a doubt, the greatest impact on student learning has been the 95 Phonics Core Program and the teacher content knowledge gained from the professional learning that supported the implementation and beyond.


Success Story Resources

Courage, leadership, and the science of reading light the way for Panther Valley

It takes courageous leadership to stay the course with a laser focus on doing what’s best for students. Robert Palazzo, principal at Panther Valley Elementary School in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania, boldly made the decision to bring change. He turned to 95 Percent Group and let the science of reading lead the way.

We talk a lot about fostering a love of reading—but you have to be able to understand what you’re reading to love reading. Decoding is the beginning of this.


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District spotlight: Keep your eye on Fulton County

Every child deserves the right to read. Fulton County Schools, just outside the Atlanta city limits, has 80% minority enrollment and serves approximately 90,000 students, with 31% of them receiving free or reduced lunch.

We’re growing our green, we’re reducing our red; it is really transforming both the teachers’ and the students’ learning here at Stonewall Tell, and in Fulton County.



District Case Study: Transforming Reading Instruction

Here we take an in-depth look at the Wicomico School District in Maryland, whose leadership and literacy team worked together to transform their approach to reading instruction. They saw, in return, strong student improvement.

Knowing these resources are aligned with the science of reading gives our teachers great confidence in their instructional methods. I hear all the time from our teachers how excited they are about how much progress our kids are making.

Reading Success at Southside Independent School District

Southside Independent School District is in the southside of the city of San Antonio, Texas, and serves more than 5,000 students. In fall of 2021, the district’s elementary school teachers participated in a professional learning course on the science of reading, which helped them learn the evidence-based approach to developing literacy skills through phonics instruction. Next they needed the best resources available for turning their new knowledge into practice.

I am an independent thinker. But if there is evidence to make a change in what I am doing, I am on board. If I see a better, more efficient, scientific approach, I will use it. And this one is. It has really changed how I teach for the better.

Portrait of Nikki Porter

I am seeing double digit gains in K-5—double digit.

Nikki Porter, Principal

Stonewall Tell Elementary School

A growing library of customer experiences and best practices across all products

Explore our growing library of literacy success for students of multiple populations, grade levels, and abilities

Success Story: Fort Zumwalt School District, Missouri

For this feature on Fort Zumwalt School District’s efforts to implement explicit, research-based phonics instruction, we turned to Stephanie Sanker, curriculum coordinator for elementary English language arts, and second grade teachers Amanda Fowler and Marcia Biermann, to hear about their challenges and successes.

A Missouri district success

Success Story: Madison Simis Elementary School, Arizona

Located in Maricopa County (AZ), this K-4 school had achieved reading proficiency levels in the mid- to upper- 80% range throughout the first decade of this century. However, the principal at Madison Simis, Dr. Joyce Flowers, was convinced her teachers and students could do even better.

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Success Story: Camanche Elementary School, Iowa

Camanche Elementary School was witnessing a large gap in reading levels between the students who were receiving special education services and grade level students. The principal Micah Gearhart and his team took matters into their own hands and turned their students’ reading scores around in record time.

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Green circle in a blue box.

Rutherford County Schools: Inspiring Reading Achievement in Title I Schools

With a student population exceeding 41,000 students, Rutherford County Schools in Tennessee has added more than 15,000 students since the 2000-2001 school year. During this time, the district has opened 17 new schools for a total of 25 elementary schools—of these 25, 10 schools receive school-wide Title I funding. With this high growth and constantly changing demographic, how could the district effectively keep up with the day-to-day work while also ensuring that all kids continue to become better readers?

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A reading specialist engages a student in tactile phonics materials

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Our products have been verified to meet the highest standards by trusted experts and third-party organizations.

ESSA verified

Rigorous independent efficacy, validated by the highest level ESSA criteria, confirms our phonics-based programs accelerate reading improvement for all K-2 students.

Digital Promise certified

Digital Promise certification for “Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products” confirms our product design is based in the science of reading.

Recommended by state boards of education

A growing number of states that are realigning reading instruction to the science of reading are approving One95 literacy products as recommended literacy curriculum resources.

Listed on Evidence for ESSA

95 Phonics Core Program is now listed on the Evidence for ESSA website for Tier 1, Whole-Class Instruction.

Digital Promise Product Certification badge.

There are more than 9,000 products used in K-12 schools and fewer than 1 percent have earned this Digital Promise certification.

Rachel Schechter, PhD

Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research
95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Get students reading at grade level

Keep this in mind: Research alignment is not enough. Your literacy programs should be evidence-based and evidence-proven to accelerate literacy skills

Rachel Schechter, PhD

Rachel Schechter, PhD Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research

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One95 literacy ecosystem

District spotlight: Watch Fulton County

Every child deserves the right to read. Fulton County Schools, just outside the Atlanta city limits, has 80% minority enrollment and serves approximately 90,000 students, with 31% of them receiving free or reduced lunch.

A prescriptive, systematic, rigorous, and explicit phonics program. That’s our game changer. That’s 95 Percent Group.

Portrait of Jennifer Burton

Jennifer Burton Director of Literacy, Fulton County Schools

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One95 integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers — so you’re ready and able to help every child realize their reading potential.

Created by and for educators, One95 helps students build and fortify the foundational and advanced skills they need to grow as independent readers.

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of students reading at or above grade level in classrooms after just six months of using the One95 literacy system.

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Trust in literacy solutions that have been proven effective. Designed with guidance from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), our efficacy studies meet the highest levels of evidence.

Efficacy studies

Trust in literacy solutions that have been proven effective. Designed with guidance from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), our efficacy studies meet the highest levels of evidence.


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