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About 95 Percent Group

We’re 95 Percent Group. With nearly two decades of expertise and leadership in putting the science of reading into practice at thousands of schools, we’re paving the way for the next generation of educators and readers to grow together.

Girls reading a book together at school, pointing out words

95 Percent Group is dedicated to unlocking the power of literacy for every child.

Helping teachers provide the best possible literacy instruction is the first step in giving the next generation a brighter future. For nearly two decades, we’ve remained committed to the development and advancement of the science of reading in classrooms across the country.

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Our history and co-founder

95 Percent Group started in 2005 with a vision to help schools and districts provide every child with the literacy instruction they deserve. Our founder, Dr. Susan L. Hall, EdD, was an early trailblazer in translating the science of reading into effective structured literacy tools and professional learning for educators. Her work united an extensive network of teachers, schools, and districts who believe in the outsized impact of reading. She also wrote the best-selling book I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What? and coauthored, along with Louisa C. Moats, EdD, the award-winning Straight Talk about Reading and Parenting a Struggling Reader.

Today 95 Percent Group is proud to continue our legacy as leaders in putting the science of reading into practice in schools and districts in every state in the country.

Reading specialist sharing a book with elementary school students

Our mission

At 95 Percent Group, we build on science to empower teachers — supplying the knowledge, resources, and support they need to develop strong readers.

Backed by decades of proven literacy expertise, our instructional and professional learning resources give educators the confidence to successfully guide students to literacy success.

95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Spotlight Maryland: Science of reading transforms literacy

Here we take an in-depth look at the Wicomico School District in Maryland, whose leadership and literacy team worked together to transform their approach to reading instruction. They saw, in return, strong student improvement. One changemaker, Dr. Renee R. Hall, offers tips for other educators on advancing literacy in their school or district.


increase in the impact of One95 literacy system on K-3 student reading scores year-over-year

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I have a specific teacher who currently has zero students served in Tier 2 or Tier 3 instruction. When I ask her what she’s doing to achieve this remarkable feat, her reply is, ‘I teach 95 Percent Group lessons every day.’

Title I School Principal

Rutherford County Schools Tennessee
A reading teacher at a professional learning workshop

Our values

95 Percent Group advocates for evidence-based excellence within the education and literacy landscape, so we’re able to meet your needs with confidence and set the standard for others.

Value efficacy

We take each child’s literacy success seriously. We validate claims, track outcomes, and work with rigor to produce comprehensive systems that move literacy forward.

Earn trust

We’re here for educators. We provide responsive, trustworthy, and expert guidance so educators know they have a partner in reaching their reading improvement goals.

Advance together

We work as one. We collaborate with colleagues and school customers to create community, support teachers, and lead our field.

Create opportunity

We empower literacy for all. We increase equity and access to effective instruction for every district, school, teacher, and student.

Our leadership

Our leadership team has dedicated their careers to improving student outcomes. No one brings more expertise and passion to advancing literacy for all students than this team.

Headshot of Brad Lindaas

Brad Lindaas
Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart
Chief Academic Officer

Headshot of Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris
Chief Product Officer

Headshot of Anella Wetter

Anella Wetter
Chief Sales Officer

Headshot of Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan
Chief Marketing Officer

Headshot of George Gatsis

George Gatsis
Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Mehul Patel

Mehul Patel
Chief Financial Officer

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Become part of our group

Join our team that’s on a mission to improve reading literacy nationwide. Together, we’ll change the game for a new generation of developing readers.

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A literacy system of evidence-based instructional tools — designed and proven to engage developing readers at every tier of literacy instruction.

Professional learning

Instructional training, courses, ongoing coaching, and other opportunities for schools and districts to bridge knowledge and practice as they implement and build upon the science of reading in their classrooms.


Gain access to the latest research, resources, and expertise that are shaping the science of reading and demonstrating its impact.