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Guide students as they explore why words are spelled the way they are through explicit, systematic, cumulative, and enjoyable lessons that support higher order reading and writing skills.

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A smarter spelling program

Enhance your core reading program and help all students make sense of English spelling with lessons including phonology, phoneme-grapheme correspondence, morphology, syntax, idioms, figures of speech, and more.

Expertly designed, classroom-tested

Created by Dr. Louisa Moats and Dr. Bruce Rosow, Spellography™ is a research-aligned, trusted complement to the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™.

Go beyond memorization

Spellography trades in rote memorization and quizzes for engaging lessons that emphasize the history, sound, and meaning of words to power deeper learning and recall.

Deliver fun, structured lessons

With six, two-week lessons per book, each unit asks your students to follow diverse characters through concepts enlivened by gentle humor before taking a comprehensive survey to gauge learnings.

Get the guidance you need

Use our teacher’s guide to review student exercises and discover tips on how to present instructional activities.

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Louisa Moats, EdD

Spellography is not a traditional spelling program. There are no lists to memorize and no Friday tests whose words are soon forgotten. Instead, this program explores why words are spelled the way they are, emphasizing understanding over rote memorization.

Louisa Moats, EdD

Coauthor of Spellography and LETRS®

Introducing Spellography: Book C

In Book C of the Spellography series, students advance their skills with:

  • Properties of both predictable and unique vowel teams
  • Liquid /l/ in final position, alternate spellings for final /l/, and the influence of /l/
  • Suffixes -ible and –able
  • The four different ways to spell /ā//r/ (air)
  • Vowel spellings for long vowels, including the two long u’s: /ū/ (moon) and /y//ū/
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Preview Spellography books and start seeing foundational improvement today.

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Explore free, evidence-based diagnostic surveys that complement your Spellography books, empowering you to meet students where they are in making sense of English spelling.

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Supported by research

Spellography’s content and instructional design reflect decades of research on learning to read and spell, integrating practice with spelling, word analysis, word reading fluency, and grammar and usage.

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Interested in learning more about Spellography?

In this four-part webinar series taught by Dr. Louisa Moats, we break down the layers of language to help educators see how parts work together and build upon each other. A classroom-tested program, Spellography explicitly teaches spelling concepts that help students understand English spelling and improve reading and writing.

Each session is hosted at 6:30 p.m. CT

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Expand your structured literacy toolkit

Engaging, cohesive, and intuitively designed for you and your students, the One95 Literacy Ecosystem helps you build a modular literacy toolkit to effectively teach tomorrow’s readers.


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