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95 Literacy Intervention System™

Ensure all students receive the targeted instruction they need to quickly move out of intervention and become successful readers with our digital platform.

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Introducing the 95 Literacy Intervention System

Identifying and closing skill gaps early is essential and provides a strong foundation for reading success. With our digital 95 Literacy Intervention System, you’ll be able to quickly diagnose phonemic awareness and phonics skill deficits, and effectively group students to deliver precise intervention instruction to maximize student outcomes.

Ongoing progress monitoring ensures that students achieve skill mastery, while student-centered data allows all literacy stakeholders to see student-level progress and optimize school-level intervention activities.

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The future of literacy intervention

With our comprehensive reading intervention program, digital assessment, grouping, and data aggregation combine with cohesive, effective teacher resources to bring efficiency to intervention instruction.

Reduce planning time and costs

Our digital solution makes assessing, delivering intervention, and evaluating progress easier and faster – expanding each school’s intervention capacity.

Effectively build and manage groups

Automatically group students at similar skill levels, ensuring help and resources are targeted where they’re needed – powering evaluation and intervention within the classroom, grade, or school.

Leverage student-centered intervention data

Efficiently collect granular reading skill data to serve specific student needs, then use aggregate records, results, and reports to optimize literacy practices across your teachers, school, and district.

Learn and grow as you go

With embedded professional learning videos and instructional tips designed for educators at every experience level, you’ll learn evidence-aligned structured literacy best practices while working with students to address specific skill gaps.

Tech & Learning Award

95 Literacy Intervention System honored

95 Literacy Intervention System™ won a Tech & Learning Award of Excellence: Best of 2023 in the Primary category. The Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence is a prestigious awards program that honors educational technology from the last 12 months that exceptionally supported teachers and students.

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We are thrilled to announce the 95 Literacy Intervention System, a powerful school and district-level resource that provides educators with the tools and data they need to make informed decisions that move students toward skill mastery more quickly. The 95 Literacy Intervention System combines assessment data, grouping tools, and resource recommendations into one powerful system designed to bring about systemic improvement in literacy outcomes.


95 Percent Group

Efficient, effective intervention

Subscribe to 95 Literacy Intervention System and add a cohesive suite of digital tools designed to amplify the impact of your 95 Percent Group instructional resources and power highly effective intervention.

Digital assessments and scoring

Digital assessments and scoring

With student audio, common error marking, optional device syncing, and a granular skills measurement framework, the system makes it easy for both new and experienced teachers to observe, score, and capture nuances of student reading and decoding skills on Phonics Screener for Intervention™ and Phonics Lesson Library™ assessments.

Resource recommendations

Resource recommendations

Targeted intervention resources connect to granular skill diagnostics recommended upon completion of assessments and in groups. Explore resources, add them to playlists for later review, or utilize them immediately in intervention groups.

Power-assisted grouping

Power-assisted grouping

Manage intervention groups dynamically within the classroom and across grades and schools with support for formal MTSS and advancing intervention best practices. Powerful digital tools make it easy for educators and PLC teams to bring their insights to groupings suggested by 95 Literacy Intervention System.

Student proficiency progress

Student proficiency progress

No more paper shuffling, and no more students falling through the cracks. Centralized assessment and intervention data provides visibility to teachers, reading coaches, special educators, administrators, and other service providers – across grades, campuses, and years.

My activities

My activities

With team scheduling and a simple follow-up activities dashboard, you’ll recover teaching time and expand service delivery capacity by streamlining regular progress measurement and retesting.

District, school, and teacher insights

District, school, and teacher insights

With assessments, scoring, grouping, and data aggregation in one place, analysis and reporting for classrooms, schools, and districts has never been easier – or more accurate.

Our literacy intervention program in action

Intervention Resources

Experts corner: Transforming literacy intervention

Learn how the powerful assessment data, grouping tools, and resource recommendations in this new, essential technology solution can improve literacy outcomes for your students.

The 95 Literacy Intervention System is a breakthrough technology for data-driven literacy instruction and a game changer for accelerating literacy skills.

Susan Adelmann Vice President, Digital Platforms, 95 Percent Group

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Expand your structured literacy toolkit

Engaging, cohesive, and intuitively designed for you and your students, the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™ helps you build a modular literacy toolkit to effectively teach tomorrow’s readers.


95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™

Support effective phonemic awareness instruction – tailored for students of all skill levels – with our comprehensive, evidence-aligned suite of solutions.


Easily identify skill deficits to personalize each child’s instruction and place students in skill groups for focused intervention.


Help students master the alphabetic principle—a critical milestone in literacy—with multi-tier offerings for phonics instruction.


Improve reading fluency and word comprehension while helping readers connect the three layers of the English language.


Build comprehension skills in fluent readers, using targeted and explicit instruction in small groups.

Intensive intervention

Engage struggling readers, including those with dyslexia, with a technology-based, Tier 3 program featuring multisensory techniques.