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Sound Walls

Explicitly teach letter-sound correspondence and develop both phonological and phonemic awareness through cards, posters, mirrors, and instructional guides—each tailored for use by children and designed for engaging instruction.

students in elementary classroom sounding out words together

Connecting sounds and letters to help readers

While speaking is intuitive for most children, science has shown reading requires systematic, explicit instruction. Sound walls help students develop phonemic and phonological awareness, connecting the sounds of spoken language to common reading and spelling patterns, strengthening crucial building blocks for literacy.

Discover the world of Sound Walls

Improve literacy in your classrooms by showing students the relationship between specific spoken sounds, their articulation, and common phonemes and graphemes.

Reinforce core phonics skills

Help students improve letter-sound correspondence through easy-to-use, interactive, and fun visual aids.

Get the instructional guides you need

Develop your understanding of sound walls and improve your classroom implementation with practical, intuitive tools, focused instructional tips, and specific examples.

Find your ideal solution

With three distinct suites of Sound Wall products, you can choose the best fit for your classroom and students.

Sound Wall Starter Pack Bundle

This set is a great place to start exploring Kid Lips. The bundle includes everything you’ll need to teach the 44 sounds in the English language:

  • Kid Lips® cards
  • Kid Lips® instructional guide
  • Phoneme/grapheme mini cards

Tools 4 Reading Value Pack Bundle

The value pack has what you need to get started with your own Sound Wall, including:

  • Kid Lips® cards (1)
  • Kid Lips® instructional guide (1)
  • Phoneme/grapheme cards – teacher’s instructional set (1)
  • Phoneme/grapheme mini cards (1)
  • Phoneme/grapheme wall poster (1)
  • Consonant chart poster (1)
  • Vowel valley poster (1)

Sound Wall Classroom Kit

With step-by-step instructional guidance and everything you need to build your Sound Wall, you’ll give your students the resources they need and build phonological and phonemic awareness with this handy, all-inclusive kit:

  • Kid Lips® cards (1)
  • Kid Lips® teacher’s instructional guide (1)
  • Phoneme/grapheme cards – teacher’s instructional set (1)
  • Phoneme/grapheme mini cards (1)
  • Student Sound Wall folder (Set of 30)
  • Small mirrors (Set of 5)
  • Sound Wall Solutions – teacher’s instructional guide (1)
  • Phoneme/grapheme wall poster (1)
  • Consonant chart poster (1)
  • Vowel valley poster (1)

I love the Kid Lips cards, Kids Lips Instructional Guide with the user-friendly lessons, and the Phoneme/Grapheme cards. Our teachers love them, too.

Nova Williams

Assistant Director of Learning Services-Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Mercer Island School District, WA

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Learn how sound walls incorporate the latest science on how children learn to read, and get expert tips for more effective implementation.

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Ready to build your own Sound Wall?

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