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Tier 3: Intensive intervention

95 RAP™

The technology-based, Tier 3 intervention solution for students who are persistently struggling to learn to read, including those with dyslexia.

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Discover 95 RAP™

95 RAP (Reading Achievement Program) is an individualized, small group reading intervention designed for struggling readers who have been intervention resistant. Direct, explicit, mastery-based instruction supports progress in phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Watch the video below to learn more.

A middle school boy smiles while reading a book in a library, while a middle school girl writes in a journal

Engaging solution, data-driven insights

This structured literacy program provides fast-paced and motivating small group activities, while tracking individual student progress.

Influenced by Orton-Gillingham, 95 RAP teachers infuse multisensory techniques to help reach all learners.

Provides flexibility to deliver individualized instruction in-person or remotely

Offers visibility of data for teachers on student struggles, learning, and progress

Designed by teachers for teachers, lessons are delivered efficiently in 45-minute blocks, four to five days per week, in a 4:1 student to teacher ratio.

With this tool, you’re doing oral drill, phonemic awareness, and word attack. You’re also working on phonics rules, fluency, comprehension, AND spelling? What thing in your day does all of that in a 45–50 minute lesson? There’s nothing!

Kerry Blackwelder

95 RAP instructor

Celebrating 95 RAP history

In January, 2023, 95 Percent Group announced the acquisition of the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) from Hill Learning Center, an education nonprofit in Durham, North Carolina that has served students with learning and attention challenges for 45 years. Founded by George Watts Hill in 1977, Hill Learning Center has offered specialized support for students with learning differences as well as training, curriculum, and technology to make the program available to students and teachers everywhere. They have trained more than 4000 teachers across the US and around the world.

The Hill Reading Achievement Program—now 95 RAP—is based on the scientific understanding that for students who learn differently, reading must be taught systematically to effectively build their skills—and their confidence. It provides teachers with the data and tools they need to target instruction to a student’s specific needs and make effective use of limited instructional time. Read more in HillRAP through the Years.

young boy follows along phonics workbook at his desk

When I read, my teacher tells me I am doing a good job and getting better. I used to mess up on my words, and I don’t do that as much anymore. Every time I miss a word, I know I am going to get it correct one day!

3rd Grade Student

North Carolina Public School
Hill Learning Center Team

Trusted, proven work takes a village

We are so grateful for the HillRAP contributors for building an innovative intervention that is proven effective—and that educators and students enjoy using.

Developed by some of the top experts and researchers in North Carolina

Collaborators from Duke University, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, Research Triangle Institute, Friday Institute at NC State, Florida Center for Reading Research

Field tested by teachers and students

Learn about Hill Learning Center

Once I started using this program with my students, I quit thinking about retirement.

Zina Pittman

95 RAP instructor

Meets ESSA Level 3 evidence requirements & more

An independent research group reviewed all 95 RAP (formerly HillRAP) research to assess and align the studies with the evidence tiers described in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015. And the growth is impressive.

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ESSA Level 3 Evidence.


Proof is in the studies

ESSA Level 3 confirms rigorous, independent research that demonstrated 95 RAP (formerly HillRAP) meets evidence requirements for Tier 3 instruction.

One powerful solution for multi-tier reading instruction

One powerful solution for multi-tier reading instruction

As educators, we understand the profound impact of effective literacy instruction. That’s why we designed the One95 literacy ecosystem to empower you with the best resources to develop the strongest readers possible.

It begins with proven literacy instruction products — then the knowledge, resources, and support to make them work. With One95, you’ll find:

  • Explicit and systematic Tier 1, 2, and 3 instruction
  • Professional learning and development resources
  • Extensive science of reading research
  • Access to literacy experts
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Your struggling readers with learning differences need more support, and this is the fun, engaging, and effective tool to help them. Interested in learning more? Get in touch today.

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