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Efficacy and success

We empower teachers to develop tomorrow’s readers with rigorous, evidence-based solutions that are proven to accelerate literacy skills.

Dedicated to academic excellence

We invest in rigorous, third-party research by independent literacy evaluation firms to verify the effectiveness of our products. All of our studies are designed based on guidance from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and meet the highest levels of evidence—strong, moderate, and promising.

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81% of first graders who were reading below benchmark improved to at or above benchmark with the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™

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Trusted solutions, backed by evidence

Our literacy solutions have been verified by trusted experts and third-party organizations to meet the highest levels of evidence.

Verified by ESSA

Our phonics program meets ESSA evidence standards for Tier 1 whole-class instruction based on independent research demonstrating reading improvement for all K-2 students.

Certified by Digital Promise

95 Phonics Core Program met strict criteria for product design based on empirical research into learning. Less than 1% of the 8,000 products used in K-12 schools have earned this certification.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards

Our products are carefully developed to support students in meeting Common Core State Standards, from recognition and phonics milestones to reading fluency.

Recommended by state boards of education

One95 products are recommended curriculum resources in a growing number of states that are realigning literacy instruction with the science of reading.

Knowing these resources are aligned with the science of reading gives our teachers great confidence in their instructional methods. I hear all the time from our teachers how excited they are about how much progress our kids are making.

Renee Hall

Supervisor of K-5 Literacy, Wicomico County Public Schools
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One system, backed by the science of reading

The One95 Literacy Ecosystem™ integrates evidence-based products and professional learning resources into one cohesive system for instruction across tiers—so you’re ready and able to help every child realize their reading potential.

Created by and for educators, One95™ helps students build and fortify the skills they need to grow as independent readers.

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increase in the number of first graders reading at or above grade level after introducing the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™

Because our students will have a consistent structure and language from grade-to-grade, we’re excited about school-wide reading improvement. We are seeing results because we have both fantastic teachers and fantastic materials.

Micah L. Gearhart

Principal, Camanche Elementary School

Our success stories

For nearly two decades, our literacy solutions and instructional practices have empowered educators to accelerate reading improvement and unleash the joy of literacy.

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By June, we had more than 85% of our second graders students in Tier 1, whole-class instruction. This is such a critical learning year for kids, and we had a lot of ground to make up after the pandemic’s disruptions. We were thrilled to reach this goal.

Headshot of Mehgan Schuelke smiling

Mehgan Schuelke Educational Diagnostician and Reading Specialist, Glen Rose Independent School District

95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Spotlight Texas: Southside Independent School District

Southside Independent School District is in the southside of the city of San Antonio, Texas, and serves more than 5,000 students, including those in their four elementary schools and one early childhood center. It is a Title 1 district, designed to help underserved students meet state academic content and performance standards.

If I see a better, more efficient, scientific approach, I will use it. And this one is. It has really changed how I teach for the better

Headshot of Julie Groce

Julie Groce First Grade Teacher, Gallardo Elementary School

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95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Spotlight Maryland: Science of reading transforms literacy

Here we take an in-depth look at the Wicomico School District in Maryland, whose leadership and literacy team worked together to transform their approach to reading instruction. They saw, in return, strong student improvement. One changemaker, Dr. Renee R. Hall, offers tips for other educators on advancing literacy in their school or district.

Knowing these resources are aligned with the science of reading gives our teachers great confidence in their instructional methods. I hear all the time from our teachers how excited they are about how much progress our kids are making.

Headshot of Renee Hall

Renee Hall Wicomico County Public Schools

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Structured Literacy Resources

Research in literacy education: Why evidence matters

Educational leaders can make it a litmus test to hold decisions around instructional materials up against these questions: is it aligned to the evidence? Is there efficacy? There are so many curriculum materials out there—anyone can stamp ‘science of reading’ on their product. We have to be discerning consumers.

Laura Stewart Headshot

LAURA STEWART Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group

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Learn with us

After two decades of thought leadership in the science of reading and of working with educators to unlock the power of literacy for every child, we want to share with you what we’ve learned, along with best practices and resources you can bring to the classroom.


Gain access to the latest research, resources, and expertise that are shaping the science of reading and demonstrating its impact.

Professional learning

Instructional training, courses, ongoing coaching, and other opportunities for schools and districts to bridge knowledge and practice as they implement and build upon the science of reading in their classrooms.

The science of reading

Explore insights from thought leaders and resources from the field to help you bridge knowledge and practice as you bring the science of reading to your school or district.