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After two decades of thought leadership in the science of reading and of working with educators to unlock the power of literacy for every child, here is what we’ve learned and how we believe literacy should move forward.

A confident elementary-school girl sounds out words in a book she chose at library time
Student sitting at deck writing in a phonics workbook.
Intervention Resources

Alternatives to grade six worksheets

Children on a rug, free to move around as they use their chip kits and spelling mats
95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Effective Phonics Intervention Lesson Plan

Students sitting together at a large deck with worksheets in front of them.
95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Phonics lesson plans improve instruction

Elementary school students working with instructional manipulatives, guided by their reading specialist
95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Early Phonics Interventions are Key for Reading Success

literacy teacher working with young readers on phonics reading lesson
95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Assessments find mastered and missing skills

literacy expert helps middle school student with phonics intervention
95 Phonics Core Program® Resources

Strategies for decoding multisyllable words

Kids learn to read using phonics cards to make their lessons concrete
Intervention Resources

Classroom Reading Intervention Activities

Children sitting on a classroom rug giving thumbs up to their teacher.
Science of reading archives

Phonological Processes and Awareness

Student sitting at deck looking at a phonics core program booklet.
Intervention Resources

The Definition of Phonological Awareness

Teacher pointing to white board with Morphology, Introduction of New Root and Suffixes.
Intervention Resources

Phonological awareness activities and lessons

teacher bends down to assist with phonics workbook lesson with student
Intervention Resources

The 95 Phonics Chip Kit™ and intervention

Middle school boy and girl sharing an exciting moment in a book they are reading
Intervention Resources

Creating Campus-Wide Reading Intervention

Girls reading a book together at school, pointing out words
Science of reading archives

Reading Comprehension Processes Poster

middle school boy reading a book to a girl student outside
Science of reading archives

Kids’ Reading Comprehension

parent teacher conference
Science of reading archives

Successful Parent Teacher Conferences

Student sitting on the floor looking up eager to learn.
Intervention Resources

Common Core: Unintended consequences

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