95 Phonics Core Program adds an explicit strand to the daily reading block to ensure students in K-5 receive consistent evidence-based phonics instruction to improve outcomes. This study covers students in grades K-2. Students in grade 3 continue with the program to advance their foundational reading skills, and students in grades 4 and 5 use the program specifically tailored for their grades to fortify their word study skills.

Efficacy study shows excellence, year 1

A year-long study of 95 Phonics Core Program conducted in Missouri demonstrated that students who used the program outperformed those in all grades K-2 who did not use the program. The study earned Evidence for ESSA’s strong rating for Tier 1 instruction.

“We’re ending with reading levels almost higher than I’ve ever seen….it’s coming through in their writing as well,” said one teacher from the Missouri School District that participated in the rigorous study.

Results support ESSA Level 1 evidence for product effectiveness across these grade levels. From fall 2021 to spring 2022, students using 95 Phonics Core Program showed higher gains on Acadience Reading scores than the control group across all grades studied.

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Download the study now. Year 2 study is coming soon. Note: Growth has continued significantly!