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After two decades of thought leadership in the science of reading and of working with educators to unlock the power of literacy for every child, here is what we’ve learned and how we believe literacy should move forward.

A confident elementary-school girl sounds out words in a book she chose at library time
95 Phonics Core Program®

Sold a Story: Learning brings discovery

Middle school girl reading a book at a library desk
95 Phonics Core Program®

Spotlight: Literacy grows in Glen Rose

Laura Stewart

Sold a Story: Building bridges for literacy

Three elementary school girls point to words they are breaking into parts and reading
95 Phonics Core Program®

Get students reading at grade level

An elementary school girl absorbed in her literacy workbook lesson
95 Phonics Core Program®

District spotlight: Transforming reading instruction

95 Phonics Core Program®

Efficacy study: One95 literacy ecosystem

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