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Webinar with Laura Stewart and Mary Dahlgren

Tools 4 Reading is now part of the 95 Percent Group Family! 

Join us for lively conversation between Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group and Dr. Mary Dahlgren, Founder of Tools 4 Reading and Literacy Executive in Residence at 95 Percent Group to learn what this new partnership means for educators and how we’ll effectively support instructional practices.  

Highlights will include:  

  • Taking a closer look at our cohesive literacy ecosystem as we add Tools 4 Reading resources and how it works to develop confident grade-level readers, 
  • Examining how our shared missions can drive reading achievement in your school or district, and 
  • Identifying how Tools 4 Reading products, including Sound Walls and Kid Lips™, support and strengthen 95 Phonics Core Program® lessons. 
Register today and attend live to win some exciting products!

Close Literacy Learning Gaps and Prevent Summer Slide

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The 95 Phonics Booster Bundle®: Summer School was developed to support phonics instruction for K-3 learners who need additional literacy support. Our Summer School program provides an all-inclusive phonics and word study program, that delivers explicit, sequential, and cumulative instruction, to prepare students for success at the next grade level.

The robust program includes 25 lessons designed to be taught in 30-45 minutes each. The package includes teacher materials, student workbooks, teacher and student manipulatives, digital presentation materials, and online teacher training support. 

Explore product overviews, efficacy data, teacher testimonials, sample lessons for each grade level, an on-demand product webinar, and more for this evidence-based summer school literacy solution

95 Phonics Core Program® Earns Product Certification from Digital Promise for Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products

Certification confirms link between Science of Reading and 95 Percent Group product design 

Digital Promise Seal

95 Phonics Core Program® recently earned the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products: Product Certification from Digital Promise.

This certification was achieved by submitting research evidence to Digital Promise confirming the connection between the Science of Reading and the design of its 95 Phonics Core Program.

“This certification from Digital Promise is a testament to 95 Percent Group’s deep commitment to empowering teachers with resources and instructional approaches that are not only based in the Science of Reading, but that also demonstrate rigorous evidence of efficacy. A child’s path to literacy is one of the most important in their lives, and we take it very seriously,” said Brad Lindaas, Chief Executive Officer. “We will continue to invest in research to inform enhancements to our current programs and the development of new ones that unlock the power of literacy for all students.”

Click here to more information.

Download Tune-Up Overview and Sample Lessons

Learn more about our Phonic Booster Bundle®: Tune-Up, download sample lessons, and discover how our proven evidence-based approach can be used to close phonics gaps and prepare students to master grade-level reading.

Advancing Evidence-Based Instructional Practices to Improve Reading Achievement

In general, educators agree as to what skilled word reading is, and what it looks like.  The disagreement lies in HOW to help their students become proficient readers. This well-publicized reading debate centers around the best way to teach students to read. 

In this video presentation, Dr. Susan Hall, retired CEO, and Co-Founder examines the current views about word reading, takes a closer look at how skilled readers read, and explores evidence-based science of reading practices that are connected to brain research. What is the science behind reading? And, how can we fix the 'profound disconnection between the science of reading and educational practice'*? 

Watch to learn more about the Science of Reading and how this knowledge can positively impact your instructional practices in the new school year.  Download the session handouts and share this presentation with your colleagues to continue this important discussion and learning experience. 

Be sure to check out our Foundational Literacy Course: Understanding the Science of Reading, a perfect starting point for all educators to have a shared understanding of this critical topic.

*Seidenberg, M. (2017). Language at the Speed of Sight. How We Read, Why So Many Can't, and What Can Be Done About It. Basic Books, p 9.

Science of Reading On-Demand Webinar Series

Make our complimentary on-demand webinar series a part of your professional development experience. Each thirty-minute on-demand webinar is presented by one of our experienced consultants.

Educators at all levels are encouraged to view all 8 of our Science of Reading sessions and our on-demand event webinars at your convenience.

AZ DOE Names 95 Percent Group an Approved K-3 Reading Improvement Program

The Arizona Department of Education recently approved the use of our 95 Phonics Core Program™ as a supplemental whole class literacy curriculum and our Phonological Awareness Lessons, Phonics Lesson Library™, and Phonics Chip Kit™ for small group reading intervention.

These evidence-based products have been placed on the state's approved reading improvement programs list and are now available to use in all AZ schools.

Click here to learn more.

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95 Percent Group LLC Announces Acquisition of Tools 4 Reading

Tools 4 Reading’s science of reading-aligned professional learning and classroom resources will support 95 Percent Group’s mission to unlock the power of literacy for all students

95 Percent Group LLC, the trusted source for comprehensive, proven literacy solutions, today announced the acquisition of Tools 4 Reading, a company founded nearly 15 years ago by literacy education leader Mary E. Dahlgren, Ed.D., to provide educators with the knowledge, skills and resources to ground literacy instruction in the science of reading.
Read more here.

HillRAP Acquisition

95 Percent Group LLC Acquires Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) From Hill Learning Center 

Acquisition adds new digital solution to the company’s phonics ecosystem and expands its offerings to support Tier 3 intervention 

95 Percent Group is excited to announce the acquisition of the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) from Hill Learning Center, an education nonprofit in Durham, North Carolina, that has served students with learning and attention challenges for 45 years. HillRAP is a technology-based, structured literacy intervention solution for students who are persistently struggling to learn to read, including those with dyslexia. Read more here.

 Jan Hasbrouck Keynote Tacoma Symposium

A Science of Reading Symposia Series for Education Leaders

Join us for an interactive deep dive into the Science of Reading.

As changemakers, education leaders are being called to focus on the compelling evidence-aligned reading research to provide a clear foundation for student success.

Our Science of Reading Symposia Series continues in Tacoma, WA, featuring Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., Researcher, Educational Consultant & Author, as our keynote.

Click on the link below to learn more about this comprehensive opportunity to impact student outcomes by advancing reading science knowledge in your school or district.  

  • Kansas City, MO | February 22-23
  • Riverside, CA | March 15-16
  • Tacoma, WA | April 25-26 

Save the Date

  • Atlanta, GA | June 20-21

Virtual Product Training Home Page Header

If you're using any of the following products in your classroom, then you won't want to miss this professional learning opportunity to train for 1, 2 or all 3 days.

Feb 21-23          April 4-6          June 20-22 

Day #1: Tuesday
-  Phonological Awareness Lessons
-  Teaching Blending®
-  PSI
-  Basic and Advanced Phonics Chip Kit

Day #2: Wednesday
-  Multisyllable Phonics Chip Kit
-  Phonics Lesson Library
-  Multisyllable Routine Cards Package

Day #3: Thursday
-  Vocabulary Surge A and B
-  Comprehension

SoR + CORE Virtual Training

Our SoR + CORE workshops are designed to give 95 Phonics Core Program® educators an opportunity to improve instructional practices and learn more about current reading science at each K-5 grade level.

Don't miss the chance to train with our product experts in March 2023.

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                     10 Success Factors Publication and Book Study

In some schools, MTSS/RTI is losing steam because other initiatives are consuming educators’ attention. A systemic approach to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students should be non-negotiable. Download our complimentary 8-page booklet to preview the 10 Success Factors.

With our 10 Success Factors Book Study Bundle, educators also have the collective opportunity to read 10 Success Factors while closely examining their school’s current MTSS practices.