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Tier 1: Phonics

95 Phonics Core Program®

The Tier 1 structured literacy solution that supports meaningful and effective literacy progress linked across grades, grounded in the science of reading and supporting the critical K-5 years.

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Young students looking at a phonics worksheet together in class.

The phonics reading program you need

Classroom-ready, evidence-based phonics instruction for your literacy block. In 30 minutes a day, 95  Phonics Core Program® builds critical phonics skills through explicit instruction to develop strong readers, K-5.

Teacher pointing to white board with Morphology, Introduction of New Root and Suffixes.

A proven phonics reading program for your Tier 1 reading block

Build a strong foundation for reading in your whole-classroom (Tier 1) instruction. Prepared lessons make it easy to begin your phonics program and advance your students’ literacy.

Overwhelming scientific evidence supports the program’s effectiveness. Explicit, systematic, and cumulative instruction will get children reading at grade level and reduce intervention needs.

Compatible with any literacy curriculum, aligning with all CCSS grade-level foundational standards

Reduces intervention needs using evidence-based resources and methods

Gradual release model gives educators the tools they need to support students, every step of the way.

25–30 weekly lessons, taught 30 minutes a day

Fulton County students work on Phonics Core Program

Everything you need to teach phonics

Each grade-level kit includes everything you need to get up and running quickly. 95 Phonics Core Program® provides educators with pre-written, guided opportunities for teacher modeling and group and independent practice to help students achieve mastery at their own pace.

Teacher’s Editions with tips and scripts embedded throughout the lessons to support educator pedagogy

Easy-to-follow instructional dialogue for teacher-directed instruction based on a structured literacy approach

Student workbooks and manipulatives provide built-in practice opportunities to reinforce skills

Ready-made digital presentation files, summative assessments, implementation resources, and more bring lessons to life and require zero teacher prep

Headshot of Renee Munn

We have experienced great success with 95 Phonics Core Program. Through explicit and systematic phonics instruction, our students are gaining a deep understanding of the alphabetic principle. Students apply their learning in decoding, encoding, including written dictation, and showcase their learning by responding to comprehension passages. The data shows that our students are building a solid foundation as young readers and spellers.

Renee Munn

Director of Early Child Learning, Boerne Independent School District, Texas
A middle school girls points to a word she is breaking into parts and reading

Evidence-based core phonics for literacy progress

95 Phonics Core Program meets the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) standards of evidence.

ESSA Level 1 evidence

A year-long study of 95 Phonics Core Program conducted in Missouri demonstrated that students who used the program outperformed those in all grades K-2 who did not use the program. Results support ESSA Level 1 evidence for product effectiveness across these grade levels.

ESSA Level 2 evidence

A two-year evaluation of a multi-product implementation of 95 Percent Group products in a diverse county in Maryland demonstrating the impact of the One95 literacy system on reading scores year-over-year.

ESSA Level 3 evidence

This research report based on Acadience Reading data focuses on kindergartners at a small school in Nebraska. Students made one year of progress in just four months by adding the 95 Phonics Core Program to the daily reading block.

Listed on Evidence for ESSA

95 Phonics Core Program is as Strong on the Evidence for ESSA website for Tier 1, Whole-Class Instruction. The strong rating confirms that the program’s research meets federal standards under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for demonstrating the highest level of evidence.

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High-quality, easy-to-implement, fully-prepared lessons and materials mean faster, better results for our school customers and their students. Get to know our success stories.

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A teacher gives one-on-one attention to a student using a pencil and workbook


improvement for Kindergarteners using 95 Phonics Core Program after only 14 weeks

A reading tutor points out segments of a word to a smiling middle school girl

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One95 literacy ecosystem

District spotlight: Watch Fulton County

Every child deserves the right to read. Fulton County Schools, just outside the Atlanta city limits, has 80% minority enrollment and serves approximately 90,000 students, with 31% of them receiving free or reduced lunch.

What we’re seeing now is a classroom come alive.

Portrait of Nikki Porter

Nikki Porter Principal, Stonewall Tell Elementary

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Available for K-5

Whole class and small group instruction is explicit, structured, and linked across grade levels to provide a seamless continuum of instruction that builds in complexity.

A reading teacher introduces a very young student to a book


Kindergarteners build upon foundational reading standards, using phonemic awareness as an anchor for mastery of letter-sound correspondences. The program introduces reading and writing application tasks, supporting students in developing their automaticity in sound-to-grapheme connections.

A teacher shares a book with a small group of children during reading time

Grade 1

Grade 1 students use consistent routines, dialogues, phonics chip colors, and gestures to ensure learning is focused on mastering skills instead of varied instructional processes. Consistent, fun, and explicit lesson structures in sequential order help students make progress.

An elementary school reader in a library experiencing a book

Grade 2

Grade 2 students sustain steady progress toward fluency as they work on strengthening and mastering their phonics and phonemic awareness skills. Using consistent and explicit lesson structures, and learning phonics skills in sequential order, students will successfully identify, read, and write grade-level text.

A literacy teacher encourages an elementary school girl's attempt at sounding out words

Grade 3

Grade 3 focuses on using the previously taught foundational phonemic awareness and phonics skills to build automaticity in reading multisyllable words in both isolation and in text. Instruction centers on explicitly teaching the six syllable types as well as the morphological structures of words. Decoding and encoding application tasks ensure students have the word attack skills necessary for reading and writing text with increasing complexity.

a young teacher helps her middle school student with his reading lesson

Grade 4

Grade 4 students engage with authentic text based on science, social studies, and pop culture topics to learn word attack strategies. The program uses explicitly designed word study routines to analyze words using multisyllabic patterns and morphological structures. Multisyllable word work with explicit instruction on the six syllable types and morphology instruction for building word knowledge and meaning are key features.

Elementary school teacher guiding a middle school boy during a literacy workbook lesson

Grade 5

Grade 5 students continue to strengthen their literacy skills and prepare for more complex texts in middle school. Sustained word study routines help them analyze complex words using multisyllabic patterns and morphological structures. Science, social studies, and pop culture topics keep them engaged.

95 Phonics Core Program

Literacy is one of the most important skills we can give to the next generation. Discover why more teachers love and trust 95 Phonics Core Program—and then experience the reading improvement in your own classroom. Get in touch today.

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a young teacher helps her middle school student with his reading lesson