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95 Decodable Duo™ Books

Help your students sharpen their decoding skills with this innovative book series – developed to align with best practices in the science of reading and the scope and sequence of 95 Phonics Core Program®.

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A crucial phonics foundation

Decoding is an essential part of phonics instruction, and helps developing readers sound out words, understand individual phonemes and letter sounds, and move from recognition to comprehension.

Introducing our new decoding series

Many of our youngest readers encounter challenges in connecting speech sounds to print on the page. With 95 Decodable Duo books, your students will practice their decoding skills while building confidence in their reading ability.

Explore two applications in each book

Reinforce effective decoding habits with our innovative flip format design. Students begin with a text-only decodable story. Once they’ve mastered spelling-sound relationships, they simply flip the book over to read the same story with fun, engaging illustrations.

Align with the science of reading

Develop strong decoding skills in your K-1 readers through rigorous, sequential instruction and practice with cumulatively decodable text.

Maximize benefits through integration

Studies show decoding is most effective when aligned with core instruction. Each 95 Decodable Duo book features a target phonics skill that aligns with the scope and sequence of 95 Phonics Core Program®.

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Try 95 Decodable Duo books in your classroom

Start seeing gains in your students today, and enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase 95 Decodable Duo books alongside 95 Phonics Core Program for kindergarten and 1st grade.

Kindergarten classroom set

With 6 copies of 20 unique titles, this 120-book set covers critical grade-level skills.

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First grade classroom set

With 6 copies of 20 unique titles, this 120-book set covers critical grade-level skills.

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The 95 Decodable Duo books offer a unique, evidence-aligned approach to decodable readers. While there are many decodable readers in the market, only the 95 Decodable Duo books offer two practice opportunities in the same book. Students read the story without illustrations first so that they must rely on their decoding skills. Students then have the opportunity to read the story again – this time with fun, engaging illustrations.

Jennifer Harris

Chief Product Officer

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