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Spelling and word study

Use these systematic, structured supplements to help your students develop pattern knowledge, spelling proficiency, and morphological awareness.

Build the foundation for reading success

Science tells us that the integrated study of spelling, pattern, and meaning powers higher order reading proficiency. Our spelling and word study products focus on these essential building blocks of words to help students build the familiarity and understanding that supports fluent reading.


Complement your core reading program with a supplement that helps all students make sense of English spelling through explicit, systematic, cumulative, and enjoyable lessons that bridge understanding, reading, and writing.

Morpheme Magic

Provide systematic structured literacy lessons for teachers, and help your K-3 and grades 4-12 students discover the joy of building connections between the sounds, histories, and meanings of words.

95 Vocabulary Surge™

Unleash the Power of Word Parts™, demonstrating layers within language that teach the meaning of well-chosen words and support vocabulary development for all students in grades 2-8.

Featured: Spellography

Learn more about our trusted, expertly-designed spelling program, designed to complement your current reading development program.

Comprehensive, fun spelling instruction

This program provides you with a structured and enjoyable approach to teaching spelling, covering key topics like phonology, morphology, syntax, and more.

Track student progress

Develop a better understanding of your students’ progression with thorough surveys and assessments, included in each Spellography book.

Rooted in research

Spellography embodies instructional content and methods supported by decades of research on learning to read and spell.

Discover Spellography
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One powerful solution for science of reading-aligned literacy instruction

As educators, we understand the profound impact of effective literacy instruction. That’s why we designed the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™ to empower you with the best resources to develop the strongest readers possible.

It begins with proven literacy instruction products—then the knowledge, resources, and support to make them work.

With the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™, you’ll find:

  • Alignment with MTSS/RTI frameworks
  • Explicit and systematic Tier 1, 2, and 3 instruction
  • Professional learning and development resources
  • Extensive science of reading research
  • Access to literacy experts
Learn why One95 Literacy Ecosystem works

Expand your structured literacy toolkit

Engaging, cohesive, and intuitively designed for you and your students, the One95 Literacy Ecosystem helps you build a modular literacy toolkit to effectively teach tomorrow’s readers.


95 Literacy Intervention System™

Revolutionize your intervention program with digital assessment, scoring, student grouping, data aggregation, and teacher resources.

95 Decodable Duo™ Book Series

Help your students sharpen their decoding skills with this innovative book series—developed to align with best practices in the science of reading and the scope and sequence of 95 Phonics Core Program®.

95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™

Support effective phonemic awareness instruction—tailored for students of all skill levels—with our comprehensive, evidence-aligned suite of solutions.

Tools 4 Reading

Explore literacy tools designed to empower educators and help every child achieve reading success.