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Morpheme Magic

Provide systematic structured literacy lessons for teachers, and help your K-12 students discover the joy of building connections between the sounds, histories, and meanings of words.

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Introducing Morpheme Magic

Research has shown morphological awareness is a powerful predictor of reading, writing, and spelling skill – Morpheme Magic helps you bring the magic of language into your classroom.

Build critical literacy skills

Develop strong readers by building morphological awareness, which research demonstrates is a strong predictor of reading and spelling ability.

Enjoy easy-to-use-components

Our comprehensive suite includes screening and placement assessments, wall cards, ideas for morpheme walls, spelling and encoding support, and clear lesson guides – all designed to make teaching easy and fun.

Find more magic

Present lessons through the included scope and sequence, or flex to match multisyllable word instruction in science, math, social studies, or novel study lessons.

Guide students at every grade level

With 10-minute lessons tailored for students at every level, Morpheme Magic is perfect for grades 4-12 instruction, and builds seamlessly on Morphemes for Little Ones.

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Explore the world of morphology

Build bridges between language and reading with this adaptable set – including a lesson book, Language Stimulation Cards, and assessments designed to enhance oral and receptive language experiences.

Assessment book available for separate purchase.

Morpheme Magic: Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness for Grades 4-12 Teacher’s Guide, 2nd Edition with Assessments

Create morphological awareness for both teachers and students through 53 research-backed lessons, assessments, and wall cards covering suffixes, prefixes, roots, and Greek combining forms.

Morphemes Magic Wall Cards

Use appealing, informational morpheme reference cards with lessons or as standalone activities when teachers and students need a quick morpheme review or reminder.

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Dr. Deb Glaser

I founded Morpheme Magic in response to teachers who told me that they knew morphological awareness was important but were not sure how to teach it. 95 Percent Group is the perfect new home for Morpheme Magic as it will integrate seamlessly into the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™ and empower even more teachers around the country with a trusted, proven approach to foundational reading skills.

Deborah R. Glaser, EdD

Founder of Morpheme Magic and creator of Top 10 Tools

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Get expert support

Hear from field leaders by registering for our Morpheme Magic lessons. Past instructors include Dr. Deb Glaser, the creator of Morpheme Magic.

May and June workshop registration now open. 

Strengthen your instructional practices

Over the course of three modules, you’ll learn about the foundations of morphology instruction, observe a live Morpheme Magic lesson, engage in lively Q&A, and explore activities and tools that help you level up your teaching.

Collaborate with experts and colleagues

Through direct instruction, small break-out sessions, group chats, and hands-on activities, our expert facilitators help you incorporate morphology in your teaching throughout the classroom day.

Demonstrate your learning

Upon completing your session, validate your achievement with a professional learning Certificate of Completion.

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Growing the One95 Literacy Ecosystem

Morpheme Magic has joined 95 Percent Group, bringing a key supplement to our comprehensive suite of structured literacy products and helping us unlock the power of literacy for every child.

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Just released—new structured literacy products and resources!

Explore the latest products and insights from across the One95 Literacy Ecosystem.


Morphemes for Little Ones

Provide systematic, structured literacy lessons designed to help teachers develop morphological awareness in young students.

95 Decodable Duo™ Book Series

Help your students sharpen their decoding skills with this innovative book series— developed to align with best practices in the science of reading and the scope and sequence of 95 Phonics Core Program®.

95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™

Support effective phonemic awareness instruction—tailored for students of all skill levels—with our comprehensive, evidence-aligned suite of solutions.

Tools 4 Reading

Explore literacy tools designed to empower educators and help every child achieve reading success.

95 Literacy Intervention System™

Revolutionize your intervention program with digital assessment, scoring, student grouping, data aggregation, and teacher resources.