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Tier 2: Intervention

95 Vocabulary Surge™

95 Vocabulary Surge™: Unleashing the Power of Word Parts is the vocabulary program that shines a light on word parts and helps students build powerful vocabulary skills—dramatically accelerating their reading fluency and word comprehension.

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An elementary school girl absorbed in her literacy workbook lesson

Empower your students to enjoy more complex, intriguing texts.

Unleash the power of this series of 15-minute daily vocabulary lessons. Show students how to break words into parts, hypothesize the meaning of word parts, and check the meaning in context.

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Vocabulary skills every child needs to enjoy reading

Dramatically improve students’ reading fluency and word comprehension

Teach vocabulary lessons effectively, in just 15 minutes a day.

Embrace flexibility. Lessons may be taught whole class or in small groups.

Students learn the meaning of the most common Anglo-Saxon words, affixes, Latin roots, and Greek combining forms.

Instruction teaches not only the meaning of well-chosen words but also shows students to learn words on their own.

Elementary school teacher guiding a middle school boy during a literacy workbook lesson

Teacher’s Guide: Comprehensive instruction

Easy-to-use vocabulary instruction, with everything you need to support vocabulary development in grades 2-8. The Teacher’s Guide includes:

Manipulatives and downloadable student worksheets

Word lists and worksheets

CCSS alignment chart

5-day lessons, 20 weeks of instruction, 15 minutes per day

Portrait of Nicola Johnson

Parents have been coming to me and saying: ‘Reading this year has been very different for my child.’ And in the back of my head I am thinking: ‘It’s that Vocabulary Surge. That’s what’s making your child read like a rock star!’

Nicola Johnson

5th Grade Teacher, Stonewall Tell Elementary School
Book cover titled Vocabulary Surge Unleashing the Power of Word Parts.

What’s Included in Level A?

95 Vocabulary Surge-Level A: Support vocabulary development for all students in grades 2-8

Lessons 1–3: compound Anglo-Saxon words and Anglo-Saxon words with inflected endings

Lessons 4–10: 68 most common affixes—200 Anglo-Saxon words with affixes

Lessons 11–16: 48 common Latin roots—200 Latin words

Lessons 17–20: 37 common Greek combining forms—225 Greek words

Book cover titled Vocabulary Surge Unleashing the Power of Word Parts.

What’s Included in Level B?

95 Vocabulary Surge-Level B: Support vocabulary development for all students in grades 4-8

Review Lessons 1–3: 45 most common affixes used with Anglo-Saxon words

Lessons 1–4: 46 common affixes used with Anglo-Saxon words and Latin roots

Lessons 5–13: 108 Latin roots and 11 affixes

Lessons 14–17: 48 Greek combining forms

Vocabulary instruction in just 15 minutes a day

Even with advanced decoding skills, students with limited vocabulary will struggle to read fluently and comprehend complex text. Many students are affected by low oral language skills. For students to close the vocabulary gap, they need vocabulary instruction that not only teaches the meaning of well-chosen words, but also shows them how to learn words on their own.

Headshot of Laura Stewart

Reading is not a natural skill, but it is the most important skill we can teach children. I believe a structured literacy approach, based in the current body of evidence known as the science of reading, is the best approach for all children.

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer

95 Percent Group
Three elementary school girls point to words they are breaking into parts and reading

How does it work?

Lessons may be taught whole class or in small groups. As each new layer of the language is introduced, teachers demonstrate how words are constructed in that layer.

Teachers use manipulatives to demonstrate roots, affixes and meaningful word parts to deepen knowledge of Latin and Greek words.

Students use mats and cards to show understanding of compound words and inflected endings.

Students respond to questions, write sentences, and build words to apply what they have learned about word-part meanings and structure.

Level A contains 20 weeks of instruction taught in five-day lessons, and Level B includes 33 weeks of instruction taught in five- and 10-day lessons.

One powerful solution for multi-tier reading instruction

One powerful solution for multi-tier reading instruction

As educators, we understand the profound impact of effective literacy instruction. That’s why we designed the One95 literacy ecosystem to empower you with the best resources to develop the strongest readers possible. It begins with proven literacy instruction products — then the knowledge, resources, and support to make them work.

With One95, you’ll find:

  • Explicit and systematic Tier 1, 2, and 3 instruction
  • Professional learning and development resources
  • Extensive science of reading research and
  • Access to literacy experts.
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improvement for Kindergarteners using 95 Phonics Core Program after only 14 weeks.

95 Vocabulary Surge—Unleashing the Power of Word Parts: Levels A and B

Your students become better readers as their vocabulary improves. Discover why more teachers see dramatic improvements when they use 95 Vocabulary Surge—experience it in your own classroom. Get in touch today.

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