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95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™

Professional Learning

Build expertise and bring trusted, proven phonemic awareness teaching methods and resources to your students.

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Accelerate progress

Our experts provide the phonemic awareness tools and techniques you need to master effective instruction and catalyze progress for your students.

The support you need to succeed

Explore the significant impact phonemic awareness has on beginning readers and deepen your skill in using core components of the 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite.

The Latest in Phonemic Awareness

With two asynchronous training sessions covering best practices, classroom insights, and tactical advice on applying assessment data, you’ll be able to learn at your own speed and revisit as often as needed.

Virtual Product Training

Training is carefully sequenced to your 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite experience – and will guide you in using the product, share evidence-based instructional strategies, and support you across core and intervention to improve student reading outcomes.

Portrait of Jennifer Burton

We’ve grown to be partners in this work. 95 Percent Group is so supportive and responsive to what we need as a district. I know that I can partner with them on professional learning.


Director of Literacy, Fulton County Schools, Georgia

Discover the 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite

Stay tuned for our on-demand webinar and access to trial materials. To learn more, read Joni Maville’s insights on why the 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite is a true game changer.

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Discover the 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite

Your comprehensive phonemic awareness solution

Phonemic awareness is an essential skill in reading development. Discover our new, evidence-based suite of whole class, intervention, and professional learning solutions.


View the full 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite

Support effective phonemic awareness instruction – tailored for students of all skill levels – with our comprehensive, evidence-aligned suite of solutions.

95 Pocket PA™

Discover our powerful, portable phonemic awareness solution for effective whole class phonemic awareness instruction, and help beginning K-1 readers build the foundational skills they need.

95 Phonemic Awareness Screener for Intervention™

Meet each child where they are. Quickly diagnose phonemic awareness skill gaps and effectively group students to deliver precise intervention and close skill gaps.

95 Phonemic Awareness Intervention Resource™

Get the research-backed, classroom-ready lessons, teacher’s guides, and manipulatives you need to teach phonemic awareness skills effectively in intervention groups of any size.