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95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™

Core: 95 Pocket PA™

Discover our powerful, portable phonemic awareness solution for effective whole class phonemic awareness instruction, and help beginning K-1 readers build the foundational skills they need.

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Introducing 95 Pocket PA

An essential piece of the 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite, 95 Pocket PA gives you systematic, evidence-backed, whole class support in an easy to use package.

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Key features of 95 Pocket PA

Get the support you need to provide a firm reading foundation, reducing the need for intervention and helping each student reach their full potential.

50 weeks of Tier 1 lessons

Use lessons designed for whole class efficacy, focusing on one or two skills a week and moving from simple to complex at a pace that works for students.

Digital presentation files

Reduce teacher prep and make daily instruction a breeze with these reusable aids.

Articulation videos

Show students how to properly articulate speech sounds, helping them make the crucial connections between sounds and letters.

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Pocket PA is a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge solution for core instruction of phoneme awareness. The streamlined lessons take 10 minutes a day and are fully in alignment with the latest research on effective PA instruction.

Laura Stewart

Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group
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Deliver more effective, enjoyable whole class literacy instruction

Align with the latest research on developing foundational reading skills with 95 Pocket PA.

Seamless, evidence-aligned continuum

Use what’s proven to work – short, focused, daily lessons emphasizing blending, segmenting, and early introduction of the grapheme.

Designed to delight teachers and students

The handy, easy to use 95 Pocket PA is packed with instructional guidance and practice opportunities, helping both teachers and developing readers feel comfortable and confident.

Tailored for whole-class use

As part of the comprehensive 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite, 95 Pocket PA delivers familiar routines, instructional support, and a gradual release process crafted exclusively for Tier 1 use.

Flexible for the needs of your class

With access to all 50 lessons, you’ll be able to focus on earlier skills with those who need intervention and accelerate learning for advanced students.

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Join Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Lia Ferro, Director of Product Development, to learn more about the latest research on phonemic awareness and the new 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite.

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Start your trial today

Your comprehensive phonemic awareness solution

Phonemic awareness is an essential skill in reading development. Discover our new, evidence-based suite of whole class, intervention, and professional learning solutions.


View the full 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite

Support effective phonemic awareness instruction – tailored for students of all skill levels – with our comprehensive, evidence-aligned suite of solutions.

95 Phonemic Awareness Screener for Intervention™

Meet each child where they are. Quickly diagnose phonemic awareness skill gaps and effectively group students to deliver precise intervention and close skill gaps.

95 Phonemic Awareness Intervention Resource™

Get the research-backed, classroom-ready lessons, teacher’s guides, and manipulatives you need to teach phonemic awareness skills effectively in intervention groups of any size.

Professional Learning

Access the phonemic awareness tools, techniques, and expert guidance you need to master effective instruction and catalyze progress for your students.