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Summer School that Works: Providing explicit instruction to accelerate grade-level mastery

Research supports providing effective summer school instruction to close skill gaps. Discover a program that provides evidence-based teacher resources to start instruction immediately, with minimal prep – that empowers students to start the new year reading on grade level.

Watch the on-demand webinar

Our 25-day summer program is designed to systematically address urgent skill gaps and accelerate the road to grade-level mastery.

In this on-demand session, we examine the urgency of closing skill gaps quickly using an evidence-based approach that aligns with our Tier 1 and intervention resources to maximize outcomes.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Sharing supporting research on how summer school can close skill gaps and help students start the new year reading on grade level
  • Showcasing evidence-based teacher resources to start instruction immediately, with minimal prep
  • Demonstrating research-based instructional routines from our 95 Booster Bundle®: Summer School program
  • Reviewing the program’s turnkey components, including a teacher’s guide, student workbooks, manipulatives, digital presentation file, assessment, and ancillary materials
  • Learning more about a successful summer school implementation at Dysart Unified School District, AZ

Watch the on-demand webinar at your convenience and check out the resources below.

Gain access to additional information about the importance of using a proven, evidence-based summer school program to quickly close skill gaps.

Webinar handout

Webinar handout

Download the webinar handout as a guide while watching the session. Great for taking notes as well.

Digital handout
95 Booster Bundle®: Summer School Overview

95 Booster Bundle®: Summer School Overview

Read this 1-page overview to learn more about our summer school program. This resource outlines learning expectations and turnkey program materials.

Summer School Checklist

Summer School Checklist

Does your current summer school program include all the required skills to ensure student success? Download the checklist list to compare your summer curriculum with our 95 Booster Bundle: Summer School. Then, preview the Scope & Sequence to see the key skills covered at each grade level.

Review the checklist

Additional Resources

Explore our website to expand your product, professional learning, and reading science knowledge.

95 Phonics Core Program® Resource Center

95 Phonics Core Program® Resource Center

Our Tier 1 structured literacy solution supports the critical K-5 years and is grounded in the science of reading to provide evidence-based phonics instruction to build a strong foundation. Visit our resource center to preview scope and sequence, grade-level sample lessons, ongoing efficacy research reports, and much more!

Download here
Professional learning courses

Professional learning courses

Learn more about our professional learning opportunities on our website.

Learn more
Science of Reading Insights

Science of Reading Insights

Read more about the science of reading, explore research, and review insights from key thought leaders.

Read more

When we adopted the summer school program, we were already using Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials from 95 Percent Group and saw great success in moving students, especially our lower-performing students. We wanted to build upon this success, and our well-below students made the most gains during summer school!

Adriel Grieshaber, K-3 Literacy Coordinator, Dysart Unified School District, AZ

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