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Virginia Department of Education Approves 95 Percent Group Resources

Proven, science of reading aligned programs will help Commonwealth teachers accelerate literacy skill development for young learners

Virginia Department of Education Approves 95 Percent Group Resources as Supplemental and Intervention Programs for Grades K-8

Lincolnshire, Ill. – June 5, 2024 – 95 Percent Group LLC, the trusted source for comprehensive, proven literacy solutions, announced today the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) approved several of its science of reading aligned literacy solutions, following an extensive review process. 95 Phonics Core Program® was recommended as a supplemental program for tier 1 literacy instruction in grades K-5, and 95 Comprehension: Grades 3-6 and 95 Vocabulary Surge™ were recommended as intervention solutions for targeted tier 2 instruction in grades K-8. Virginia is one of 45 states and the District of Columbia that have joined the national science of reading movement.

In 2022, the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) was passed to address a serious challenge. Across the Commonwealth, one in three K-2 students were reading below benchmark, and far too many third graders are not passing their reading standards of learning assessment. The VLA aims to reverse these trends and improve early literacy outcomes for all of Virginia’s learners.

The legislation requires that every student in grades K-8 receive core literacy instruction built on scientifically based reading research and evidence-based literacy instruction. If they do not meet literacy benchmarks, students will also receive evidence-based intervention instruction. 95 Percent Group’s evidence-based literacy programs are uniquely suited to provide Virginia teachers with the tools and resources necessary to support literacy skill development for their young learners.

“We share Virginia’s commitment to ensuring that every one of its 1.2 million students develops the literacy skills requisite for success in school and in life,” said Brad Lindaas, CEO of 95 Percent Group. “We’re excited to support more Commonwealth educators with our trusted, proven reading solutions that are easy-to-use and will empower them to accelerate student reading improvement.”

Schools across Viriginia are already reaping the benefits of 95 Percent Group’s effective literacy programs, including at the state’s largest district, Fairfax County Public Schools. Mackenzie King, first grade teacher at the district’s Daniels Run Elementary School, said “I am so thankful for having access to 95 Phonics Core Program. I have seen enormous growth in my students’ reading and writing, particularly with my students who started the year below grade level. Giving everyone explicit instruction in phonics has made them much more confident readers and writers. “

The 95 Percent Group products approved by the VDOE are:

  • 95 Phonics Core Program, a whole-class, core phonics curriculum that helps to address and prevent reading gaps for all students. 95 Phonics Core Program adds an explicit phonics strand to the daily reading block to ensure that students receive consistent evidence-based and evidence-aligned phonics instruction to improve outcomes. 95 Phonics Core Program is listed on the Evidence for ESSA website for Tier 1, Whole-Class Instruction, confirming that the program’s research meets federal standards under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for demonstrating evidence of efficacy. 95 Phonics Core Program is compatible with any literacy curriculum, aligning with all grade levels of the Virginia Standards of Learning for English.
  • 95 Comprehension, Grades 3-6 sets students up for reading success with the direct, explicit, and systematic instruction they need on comprehension processes, within targeted intervention groups. With 95 Comprehension, teachers can help students who need tier 2 support to become skilled readers who are able to understand and enjoy stories by developing a trusted, proven “think-aloud” instructional approach.
  • 95 Vocabulary Surge shines a light on word parts and helps students build powerful vocabulary skills—dramatically accelerating their reading fluency and word comprehension. Its lessons support both whole class and small group instruction.

The programs approved by the VDOE are part of the One95 Literacy Ecosystem™, a proven approach for building student literacy skills across all tiers of instruction. The ecosystem is designed to help teachers use structured literacy tools for tier 1 and 2 reading instruction. Each product connects to every other product, allowing educators to add elements to their curriculum to meet the needs of all students, regardless of where they are in building their foundational reading skills.

About 95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group is an education company whose mission is to build on science to empower teachers—supplying the knowledge, resources and support they need—to develop strong readers. Using a structured literacy approach, the company’s One95 Literacy Ecosystem integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers and is proven and trusted to help students close skill gaps and read fluently. 95 Percent Group is also committed to advancing research, best practices, and thought leadership on the science of reading more broadly.

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