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We design and deliver customized, flexible professional development designed to meet your needs.  Our PD is onsite, ongoing and job-embedded.
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Translate the concepts of RTI and MTSS into reality. 95 Percent Group can help you plan and execute a coordinated approach for successful implementation.

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Common Core

We offer teacher training and instructional products designed for the Common Core State Standards.

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We help you achieve dramatic increases in student reading achievement and teacher development.
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We offer proprietary materials and lesson plans in the major areas of reading instruction in K-8, for use in both intervention group and whole class instruction.

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Strengthen your ELA Curriculum

95 Phonics Core Program™ for Grades K - 3

95 Phonics Core Program is for the whole classOur explicit phonics program, is taught during Tier 1 instruction to the entire class, as it compliments and fills the voids that are often noted in ELA curriculums. This product was created in response to educator requests to meet an growing need for explicit phonics instruction for ALL students.

This engaging program includes a fully-scripted Teacher's Edition, Student Workbooks, manipulatives and digital presentations making it ideal for both in-person and remote instruction. Download the scope and sequence for each grade level, along with a sample lesson to try the program in your classroom.  Learn more  

COVID Relief Stimulus Funds: Webinar & Info

Teacher helping student wearing masks for COVIDUsing Federal Funds to Address Literacy Learning Loss
The 2nd COVID Relief legislation provides $54 billion to K-12 schools (4X the amount of the 1st one) and supports mitigation of learning loss caused by school closings.

Learning Loss is especially a concern for K-3 students who may not have learned as effectively in a remote learning environment. Please join us for a brief webinar and explore the resources we've gathered here

Phonics Chip Kit™ Digital Teaching Add-on

Phonics Chip Kit Digital Teaching Add-onDeliver Intervention Instruction Virtually
The PCK Digital Teaching Add-on, provides animated presentation files that illustrate chip movements. Used with our Phonics Chip Kit, it seamlessly extends instruction to the virtual space. 

Programmed in HTML5, the PCK Digital Teaching Add-on is universally compatible with all web browsers and a wide variety of devices, including PC, Mac, & Chromebook. Available for Basic or Advanced skill sets.

Remote Learning Resources - extended availability!

Remote Learning Resources95 Percent Group is excited to offer a variety of complimentary Remote Learning Instructional Resources to all those teaching their students and children during these unprecedented times.  Our team of consultants has crafted these resources to be accessible and teachable by teachers and parents alike. Please share these resources freely; teachers may wish to share a link to an individual lesson with a student's parent so they know which lesson is best suited for their child.  At 95 Percent Group, we understand that now more than ever, these resources are important to continue the educational growth of our youth.

95 Live! Webinar Series

95 Live! Webinar Series95 Percent Group is pleased to offer a complimentary webinar series for educators, as part of our package of resources during these unprecedented times. 

Each webinar is a half-hour session presented by one of our consultants. We encourage you to explore the entire series. Replays are available if you missed them live. 


Learn More About the Science of Reading 

Advancing Evidence-Based Instructional Practices to Improve Reading Achievement

In general, educators are in agreement as to what skilled word reading is, and what it looks like.  The disagreement lies in HOW to help their students become proficient readers. This well-publicized reading debate centers around the best way to teach students to read.

susan-hall_sIn this video presentation, Dr. Susan Hall examines the current views about word reading, takes a closer look at how skilled readers read, and explores evidence-based science of reading practices that are connected to brain research. What is the science behind reading? And, how can we fix the 'profound disconnection between the science of reading and educational practice'*?

Watch to learn more about the Science of Reading and how this knowledge can positively impact your instructional practices in the new school year.  Download the session handouts and share this presentation with your colleagues to continue this important discussion and learning experience.

*Seidenberg, M. (2017). Language at the Speed of Sight. How We Read, Why So Many Can't, and What Can Be Done About It. Basic Books, p 9.

A Message from our CEO about COVID-19

We're in this Together

During this time of unprecedented school closures and learning interruptions, we're making essential resources available for remote use.

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Phoneme Screener teacher with student

Have your students mastered Phoneme Substitution?

David Kilpatrick (2015)* says that phonemic manipulation skills continue to develop through fourth grade and that most curricula and assessments stop monitoring phonemic awareness in first grade.  

Advanced phonemic awareness skills are essential for learning unfamiliar words which is critical for reading success. 95 Percent Group provides a complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener designed to determine if students in grades 1-4 have mastered phoneme substitution. 

Download our Phoneme Substitution Screener to find out if ALL of your students have mastered Phoneme Substitution.

 *Kilpatrick, D. (2015). Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (NJ: Wiley). 

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Want to find out how our professional development and aligned resources can´╗┐ improve instructional practices and close early literacy deficits?

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Understanding Dyslexia Online Training Course

Engaging Content at Your Convenience

Our online training course, Understanding Dyslexia™ is designed to provide educators with a deeper understanding of what dyslexia is, how to identify the signs and symptoms and to dispel myths about this learning disability.  

Did you Know that Early Identification and Intervention is Critical for Student Success?

Early identification is key and whether you’re a classroom teacher, intervention specialist, reading coach, Title 1 teacher, special education teacher, or an administrator, completing this training will better prepare you to meet all student needs.  

Register 24/7 and complete Understanding Dyslexia online, at your convenience.

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention by Dr. Susan Hall

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention

In some schools, MTSS/RTI is losing steam because other initiatives are consuming educators’ attention. Diverting focus away from MTSS is a mistake. A systemic approach to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students should be non-negotiable. 

What are schools that are getting good results doing? When results are unimpressive, what’s missing? Join author and reading intervention expert, Dr. Susan Hall as she addresses these questions and explores each of these 10 initiatives. Download this complimentary 8-page booklet to preview the 10 Success Factors and watch our on-demand 10 Success Factors webinar series

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