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Translate the concepts of RTI and MTSS into reality. 95 Percent Group can help you plan and execute a coordinated approach for successful implementation.

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We offer proprietary materials and lesson plans in the major areas of reading instruction in K-8, for use in both intervention group and whole class instruction.

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For your planning purposes, please note that effective July 1, 2022, prices for our printed products will increase due to rising production, materials, and labor costs. All orders shipped by June 30 will be processed at current prices. 

Please contact your Sales Representative or with any questions.

New Executive Team Announced to Accelerate Growth and Impact in Advancing the Company's Mission 

95 Percent Group recently announced the creation of a new leadership team to drive forward the company’s mission to help educators identify and address the needs of all readers.

Under the leadership of Brad Lindaas, Chief Executive Officer, this team of newly created executive positions will focus on expanding the company’s portfolio of reading intervention and whole-class curriculum materials including new digital solutions, building out its professional development suite of training and resources for educators, and expanding its partnerships with districts across the country.

“I am thrilled to have completed the formation of our new executive team,” Lindaas said, “This extremely talented group brings a diverse range of experience and expertise to 95 Percent Group. Together they uniquely position us to expand our strategic product and professional learning offerings, and help more educators accelerate student reading outcomes." 

The executive team includes: Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer; Anella Wetter, Chief Sales Officer; Laura Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer; George Gatsis, Chief Technology Officer; and Mehul Patel, Chief Financial Officer.

Click here to view the complete press release.


95 Phonics Skill Series™: Short Vowels 

95 Phonics Skill Series™: Short Vowels is a supplemental resource developed to meet the needs of all95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels students (Grades 1 - 8) who require instructional reinforcement and explicit instruction of all 5 short vowels in CVC words to reach closed syllable pattern mastery. This product is the latest addition to our suite of multitiered phonics supplementary programs, grounded in the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy, to strengthen your current ELA curriculum.

95 Percent Group Phonics Continuum CVC Words

Having experienced what explicit, systematic, and sequential phonics instruction looks like with our intervention suite of products, our clients asked us to consider developing additional phonics resources that allow teachers to improve their depth of phonics concepts and their ability to provide effective instruction, in a variety of educational settings.

The 95 Phonics Skill Series™: Short Vowels is the first in a series of phonics lessons designed to fill gaps, review, or enrich specific phonics skills. The program includes all-inclusive Teacher and Student Packages requiring little teacher prep for immediate implementation.

Click here for additional information about this engaging, versatile resource.

95 Phonics Summer School 2nd Edition is back for Summer 2022

We’re excited to announce that our 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School 2nd Edition will be available once again to use as a core component of your summer program with new content to address gaps in foundational skills. The Summer School 2nd  Edition is a comprehensive phonics and word study program designed to ‘catch students up’ when school is not in session to boost skills and improve reading success.   
95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition

 Learn more by downloading the Program Overview

This program provides targeted research-based structured literacy instruction, for rising 1st through 3rd graders, that is explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative. For overextended teachers who need to focus on current instructional needs, the program takes care of all the planning because the Teacher’s Package and Student Workbook Package provide everything needed including engaging individual student phonics manipulatives and decodable texts. No lesson planning is needed, and teachers don’t have to pull materials to create instruction for the summer weeks.

Click here to learn more including: a complete program description, rationale for development, independent research results, components, and grade level Scope and Sequence. 

Address Phonics Gaps at anytime During the School Year
95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up Grades 1 - 3  

95 Phonics Booster Bundle Tune-UpOur recently released 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up was developed to provide teachers with an explicit phonics program to quickly address unfinished learning as school resumes for the 2021-22 school year.

Tune-Up provides teachers with scripted phonics and word study lessons to immediately catch up students who have experienced gaps during the prior school year. We encourage educators to use this 25-day structured literacy based program at the beginning of the school year to cover critical skills right away - even before all BOY assessments are completed.

Study shows Summer School Edition 2021 and Tune-Up Contents Significantly Improved Student Outcomes

A recently published independent study conducted to evaluate the impact of the 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School Edition (SSE) on phonics growth using the SSE assessment measures showed that all grade levels demonstrated significant gains. In fact, the main takeaway from this study was that:

"95 Phonics Booster Bundle: Summer School Edition effectively increases students' phonics skills in a four-week summer program, helping close phonics gaps before the start of school."

Targeting Grades 1 - 3, the Tune-Up program was created by reintroducing 100% of the content in our 95 Phonics Booster Bundle: Summer School Edition 2021. Tune-Up is designed to quickly address phonics deficits and improve student outcomes.

Tune-Up Includes Full-Color Presentation Files

The teacher's package includes a Presentation Files component to improve instructional pacing and student engagement. Watch the Presentation File Demo to see how this animated digital feature can be used in class or with remote leaning. 

Download Tune-Up Overview and Sample Lessons

Learn more about our Phonic Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up, download sample lessons and discover how our proven research-based approach can be used to close early literacy deficits and prepare students for future reading success.

Advancing Evidence-Based Instructional Practices to Improve Reading Achievement

In general, educators agree as to what skilled word reading is, and what it looks like.  The disagreement lies in HOW to help their students become proficient readers. This well-publicized reading debate centers around the best way to teach students to read.

susan-hall_sIn this video presentation, Dr. Susan Hall examines the current views about word reading, takes a closer look at how skilled readers read, and explores evidence-based science of reading practices that are connected to brain research. What is the science behind reading? And, how can we fix the 'profound disconnection between the science of reading and educational practice'*?

Watch to learn more about the Science of Reading and how this knowledge can positively impact your instructional practices in the new school year.  Download the session handouts and share this presentation with your colleagues to continue this important discussion and learning experience.

Be sure to check out our Foundational Literacy Course: Understanding the Science of Reading, a perfect starting point for all educators to have a shared understanding of this critical topic.

*Seidenberg, M. (2017). Language at the Speed of Sight. How We Read, Why So Many Can't, and What Can Be Done About It. Basic Books, p 9.

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention by Dr. Susan Hall

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention

In some schools, MTSS/RTI is losing steam because other initiatives are consuming educators’ attention. A systemic approach to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students should be non-negotiable. 

Download this complimentary 8-page booklet to preview the 10 Success Factors and watch our on-demand webinar series. This publication can also be used as a comprehensive Book Study for a district, school, or grade-level team. The Book Study Bundle includes a Facilitator's Guide to promote meaningful conversations among participating staff and Reader's Guides to further engage participants.  


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Then you won't want to miss this 3-day opportunity to train with our product expert to improve product knowledge and instructional strategies.

Day #1: Tuesday, 8/23 
  -  PASI™ 
  -  Phonological Awareness Lessons
  -  Teaching Blending®
  -  Phonics Screener for Intervention™ 
  -  Basic and Advanced Phonics Chip Kits

Day #2: Wednesday, 8/24 
  -  Multisyllable Phonics Chip Kits™ 
  -  Phonics Lesson Library™
  -  Multisyllable Routines Card Package

Day #3: Thursday, 8/25 
  -  Vocabulary Surge A and B
  -  Comprehension

Click here for complete workshop registration information. We look forward to training with you in August!

Watch for our Fall in-person and virtual professional learning opportunities to be announced soon.

Summer School That Works: Explicit, Efficient, and Effective

Watch the Webinar On-Demand 

Our research shows that for rising 1st-3rd students, the number of students entering these grade levels  with gaps in their foundational reading skills can be reduced by adding evidence-aligned phonics instruction to your current summer school ELA curriculum.

We invite all school leaders to join us to learn more about implementing a Summer School program that's aligned with Structured Literacy and Reading Science to help students meet grade level expectations.

This event is hosted by Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director of Product Development, along with our guest panelist Adriel Grieshaber, K-3 Literacy Coordinator, Dysart Unified School District (AZ) who shares her district's summer school success story.

Science of Reading On-Demand Webinar Series

Make our complimentary on-demand webinar series a part of your professional development experience. Each thirty-minute on-demand webinar is presented by one of our experienced consultants. Educators at all levels are encouraged to view all 8 of our Science of Reading sessions and our January and February 2022 events.

Topics include Teaching with Decodable TextMastering the Questioning ProcessOrthographic MappingHow the Brain ReadsScarborough's RopePhonemic Awareness for Older StudentsBalanced Literacy vs Structured Literacy, and Morphological Awareness.

95 Percent Group Phonics Core Program

Improve Instruction | Reduce Intervention Needs
95 Phonics Core Program™ for Grades K - 3 

Having experienced what explicit, systematic, and sequential phonics instruction looks like with our suite of intervention products, our clients asked us to consider developing a Tier 1 phonics strand that’s grounded in the Science of Reading and the Principles of Structured Literacy.

Introducing a Tier 1 Phonics Program that’s grounded in the Science of Reading and the Principles of Structured Literacy

The 95 Phonics Core Program™ (PCP) is taught whole-class in just 20 minutes a day, as part of a 30-week comprehensive reading and language arts curriculum. A hallmark of PCP is that it provides  instruction in core phonics components (with minimum teacher prep) including word-sorting, sound-spelling mapping with and without manipulatives, word chains, and transfer to text.

The engaging Grade Level kits include a fully-scripted Teacher's Editions, Student Workbooks, manipulatives, digital presentations, and assessments -  making it ideal for both in-person and remote instruction.

Intensify Phonics Instruction and Reduce Student Intervention Needs

As you review your required ELA curriculum and start looking for ways to intensify phonics instruction, reduce intervention needs, and improve outcomes we invite you to learn more about the 95 Phonics Core Program™.

Phoneme Screener teacher with student

Have your students mastered Phoneme Substitution?

David Kilpatrick (2015)* says that phonemic manipulation skills continue to develop through fourth grade and that most curricula and assessments stop monitoring phonemic awareness in first grade.  

Advanced phonemic awareness skills are essential for learning unfamiliar words which is critical for reading success. 95 Percent Group provides a complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener designed to determine if students in grades 1-4 have mastered phoneme substitution. 

Download our Phoneme Substitution Screener to find out if ALL of your students have mastered Phoneme Substitution.

 *Kilpatrick, D. (2015). Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (NJ: Wiley).

95 Percent Group Company Guide

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