Lowther South Intermediate School, Kansas 

Lowther South Intermediate School worked with 95 Percent Group several years after their initial RTI implementation. When a new principal arrived, she realized the school was about a year behind the rest of the district.

The district worked with 95 Percent Group to implement a new schedule and started an intervention block. In their second year of implementation, they ensured that a 45-minute protected intervention block was embedded into their schedule to ensure that students do not miss out on any core instruction or special area classes.

After their initial DIBELS administration, they found that 20% of their fifth grade students could not decode at grade level. By collaborating with 95 Percent Group, their staff learned how to use diagnostic screening procedures, to analyze the data, and to deliver effective intervention instruction.

At the end of the first year of implementation, 10% of the initial 20% of intervention students moved into being accurate readers. They also learned that of all students who started as “slow and wrong,” 10% became either “slow and right” or even “right readers.” This monumental accomplishment in improved accuracy rate meant that 90% of their students could now decode!    

90% graphic