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Tier 2: Intervention

95 Phonics Chip Kits™

Teachers and students love using 95 Phonics Chip Kits to bring phonics concepts to life with color and motion. Enhance your instruction and help students master phonics patterns with this hands-on learning experience.

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View of a small group lesson using chip kits and spelling mats

Colorful and tactile learning, backed by science

Make your lessons stick with these fun and effective chip kits, grounded in rigorous efficacy studies that demonstrate student progress. 95 Phonics Chip Kits are customized for basic, advanced, and multisyllable needs to meet each child where they are.

Phonics Chip Kit™, Basic

Construct a strong foundation for future readers. Kit includes materials for 32 one-syllable phonics concepts, including:

  • Short vowels (6 skills) and blends (7 skills)
  • Digraphs (6 skills)
  • Long vowels and phonograms (12 skills)
  • Simple past tense (1 skill)

95 Phonics Chip Kit™, Advanced

Coach your students to the next level. 95 Advanced Phonics Chip Kit includes materials for 26 one-syllable phonics concepts, including:

  • Predictable vowel teams (5 skills)
  • Unpredictable vowel teams (6 skills)
  • Vowel-r and vowel-r phonograms (6 skills)
  • Complex consonants (7 skills) and complex past tense (1 skill)

95 Phonics Chip Kit™, Multisyllable

Support your students in developing multlisyllable mastery. This kit includes materials for 18 lessons covering the six syllable types, including:

  • Closed syllable (4 skills) and silent-e syllable (3 skills)
  • Open syllable (3 skills)
  • Vowel team syllable (4 skills)
  • Consonant-le syllable (1 skill) and vowel-r syllable (3 skills)


At the beginning of the year, we identified a large number of students who needed Tier 2 support. Using the 95 Phonics Core Program and the 95 Phonics Chip Kits, we’ve been able to take those Tier 2 students and move so many of them back into Tier 1.


Explore the complete kit

The tools you need to create your students’ hands-on learning experience, immersing them in multisensory literacy instruction. Our chip kits are designed with teachers and students in mind.

Easy-to-use teacher’s guide

Embrace simplicity with all you need for multisensory lessons. Our teacher’s guide is easy to follow and contains manipulatives, graphics of chip positions, and fully-prepared instructional dialogues.

Engaging student materials

Boost skill retention with our sturdy cardstock manipulatives. Student kits contain eight laminated sound-spelling mapping mats and 8 sets of blank sound and spelling chips.

Digital add-on

Animated presentation files show chip movements during instruction to minimize teacher preparation. Deliver digital or in-person instruction with orthographic mapping.

Flexible use with 95 Phonics Lesson Library

Used on their own, 95 Phonics Chip Kits give teachers the tools to build the phoneme-grapheme connection. When paired with the 95 Phonics Lesson Library, students can progress their understanding of phonics from theoretical to concrete.

LXD Research ESSA Level 2 Evidence.

Supported by ESSA level 2 evidence

In efficacy studies, 95 Phonics Chip Kit in combination with 95 Phonics Core Program, Phonological Awareness Lessons, and 95 Phonics Lesson Library demonstrated ESSA Level 2 Evidence.

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Children on a rug, free to move around as they use their chip kits and spelling mats

Enhance learning with the digital teaching add-on

Engage students visually while keeping the program flexible for teachers.

Power up lessons with HTML5 presentation files accessed through our secure digital platform.

Maintain a clear 360° view of the classroom by using a wireless remote presentation tracker to advance the step-by-step animation.

Students love using these fun and colorful chips to identify phonemes and analyze patterns.

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Discover 95 Phonics Chip Kits

Mastering phonics is a critical step in the journey to reading. Discover why more teachers use 95 Phonics Chips Kits—and experience the reading improvement in your own classroom.

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Reading teacher gives one-on-one guidance to children using phonics workbooks