Case Studies

Sustainable Gains

Achieving sustainable gains in reading performance continues to be a significant challenge for elementary and middle schools nationwide. If you have begun to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) but aren’t getting the gains in student scores you had hoped for, 95 Percent Group can help.

Increase Reading Performance

By following a proven process of pinpointing student skill deficits and providing targeted small-group instruction using our practical intervention products and online training, you can expect to see significant gains in your students’ reading achievement. It’s common for schools working with us to see 90% or more of their kindergarten students move above benchmark―even in the first year of working with us! Once our processes and tools are implemented, you can expect continued increases in reading performance that your staff will be able to sustain without our help. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job as soon as possible.

Achieve Exceptional Results

We measure the effectiveness of our work through analysis of student outcome data. Below is a small, yet representative, sample of data from our client schools. Similar or better results have been achieved by all of our clients where there was fidelity to our implementation model of sustained professional development and use of diagnostic screeners and intervention lesson materials.

teacher coaching student as desk

Typical Progress Charts

For a chart of typical progress of K-1 students in intervention group across the year, download this this document: