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95 Percent Group Announces New One95 Literacy Platform, Technology at Scale to Support Science of Reading

New literacy platform simplifies teacher access and management of resources, assessments and data insights, freeing teachers to focus more time on teaching and learning

New One95 Literacy Platform

Lincolnshire, Ill. – August 16, 202395 Percent Group LLC today announced the release of the One95™ Literacy Platform, a secure, efficient and connected access point for whole-class and intervention digital resources. As the national momentum toward science of reading has school districts struggling to implement efficacious early literacy programs, this next generation digital platform is poised to streamline the delivery of evidence-based literacy instruction and accelerate student reading improvement. Among a growing and robust set of features are thousands of easy-to-access digital lessons, videos, teacher guides and ancillary materials, along with assessments and other data insights into student learning—all designed to help educators teach phonemic awareness and phonics skills.

“The One95 Literacy Platform is a timesaving, powerful solution that will help teachers deliver on the promise of reading proficiency for all children,” said Brad Lindaas, CEO, 95 Percent Group. “Today’s news is the next phase of our broader digital strategy, building upon decades of experience supporting literacy skill development for young learners. The addition of this cutting-edge digital environment complements our proven, evidence-based science of reading resources, enabling us to deliver the full Literacy Ecosystem that teachers need to move students from intervention to proficiency.”

Built from the ground up with a native, cloud-based micro-services architecture using Microsoft Azure technology, the platform scales to deliver resources across schools from the smallest to the largest U.S. school districts, quickly and easily providing educators with support for their instruction based on the science of reading.

“More than 500 schools and 16,000 educators have already enthusiastically adopted our new platform for back to school. This will ensure equitable access to resources for all educators and students on day one of the new school year,” said Jennifer Harris, Chief Product Officer, 95 Percent Group. “Educator and administrator feedback has been appreciative and full of excitement.”

The new platform supports simplified license management and whole-class instruction within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for literacy intervention. Whole class and intervention resources are aligned using the same building-block skills and are directly accessible to maximize the limited time teachers, reading coaches and interventionists can spend with their students.

The platform eliminates the need for teachers to manage license keys or classroom codes, offering simple Single Sign-on and secure roster connectivity through Clever and ClassLink. Administrators and coaches can access the same resources their educators are teaching with to provide support.

This latest innovation is part of the One95™ Literacy Ecosystem, a proven approach for building student literacy skills across all tiers of instruction. It comes during a year of major growth for 95 Percent Group, a portfolio company of Leeds Equity Partners. Earlier this year, the company acquired the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) from Hill Learning Center and Tools 4 Reading’s science of reading-aligned professional learning and classroom resources as part of a strategy to add more digital high-quality science of reading resources to the One95 Literacy Ecosystem.

About 95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group is an education company whose mission is to build on science to empower teachers—supplying the knowledge, resources and support they need—to develop strong readers. Using a structured literacy approach, the company’s One95 Literacy Ecosystem integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers and is proven and trusted to help students close skill gaps and read fluently. 95 Percent Group is also committed to advancing research, best practices, and thought leadership on the science of reading more broadly.

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