5 Ways to Unwind During your Well Deserved Summer Break

It’s the final day of school. Teachers and students alike are watching the clock as it ticks down. 3…2…1… The bell rings. Students throw their homework in the air in celebration, dance on the desks, run screaming through the hallways, burst through the doors to the outside, where the sun is shining brightly-

Just kidding. That’s a movie scene.

But even if we like to over-exaggerate the start of summer in films, there’s still plenty of reason to celebrate. After all, you just made it through another incredible, albeit challenging, school year together! You deserve to kick back a little, and here are some tips on how to do just that.

5 Ways to Unwind During your Well Deserved Summer Break

1. Take a “Me” night

Put on your most comfortable sweats. Get a fuzzy pair of slippers. Turn your phone to Do Not Disturb mode. Put some popcorn in the microwave, and press play on that movie you haven’t had enough time to watch while you’re up grading papers during the school year. Whatever your favorite way to relax is, give yourself the time to take part in a stress-free activity. Even if it’s just one night to yourself, you’ve earned it, and your brain will thank you for the time to reset and recharge.

2. Spend quality time with family and friends

It can be hard to make time for friends or family during the school year. Busy work schedules, kids, hobbies, and daily life all tend to take priority. So find a day where you and a friend can meet up for some quality bonding time- go out for coffee, take a walk in the park, go to the mall- really take the time to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Talking and laughing with your support network is a great way to unwind and let go of some of the end-of-school-year stress you may be holding onto.   

3. Get out into nature

You may have been stuck inside during the year while grading homework, preparing for class, and designing curriculum. Now that the sun is shining there’s no better excuse to get outside for some healthful sun and air. Spending time outside can even be beneficial for our brain; studies show that being out in nature, even for a short walk, gives your pre-frontal cortex a chance to rest. Plus, that summer sun will be giving you the Vitamin D you’re craving.

4. And while you’re at it, get some healthy exercise

You don’t have to go on a five mile hike. Even just a short walk around the neighborhood can help boost your mood, get your blood flowing, and recharge your brain. Taking a bike ride, swimming at the community pool, or playing ball with your kids all count! It doesn’t have to feel like exercise- as long as you’re up and moving, your body will thank you. 

5. Be a foodie! Try out one new place to eat and unwind

That restaurant you drove past everyday on your way to school that you kept telling yourself you’ll try out is still there, just waiting for you! Remember that new cupcake place down the street? Check it out! Get some friends together and go out for a night. Consider it a reward for keeping your nose to the grindstone all year. It’s alright to treat yourself every once in a while, and you never know - you may just find a new favorite place.   

Remember, summer break is all about relaxing, recharging, and refocusing. Give yourself this time to slow down a little - your brain and body will thank you.  And, you’ll be raring to go when the next school year comes around!