Multisyllable Routine Cards Package

Decoding multisyllabic words is an essential skill that has a direct impact on reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension of text. The task of decoding or pronouncing longer words is often a challenge for many students in grades 3 and above.  The MSRC Package includes the Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's Edition and the MSRC Digital Presentation that are used collaboratively to amplify engagement and visual accessibility while seamlessly supporting the MSRC steps and routines. 

MSRC helps students solve the mystery of reading multisyllabic words by recognizing patterns, identifying correct vowel sounds, and applying syllable division rules. The student-friendly routines on the six syllable types are ideal for whole-class instruction, designed to take just 10-15 minutes a day, or to use as part of a 30-minute small-group intervention lesson.

The MSRC Package components facilitate direct and explicit instruction offering a fast-track approach that guides students to become more accurate and fluent when decoding multisyllable words.

Package contents include: 

Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's Edition

The instructional routines are presented in a spiral-bound, laminated Teacher’s Edition. Each TE  includes a code to access ancillary materials and a demonstration video in our secure customer portal. These downloadable materials include:

  • Header Cards
  • Syllable Cards 
  • Word Cards
  • Pseudoword Cards 
  • Word Lists 
  • Handouts and Answer Keys
Multisyllable Routine Cards Digital Presentation

MSRC Digital Presentation will:

  • Deliver a stimulating approach for sharing words when using MSRC with the whole class so all students can see clearly and actively participate in the lesson. 
  • Allow the instructor to facilitate lessons at an appropriate pace while maintaining student engagement. For most efficient animation, we recommend using a wireless presenter remote to advance the digital slides which will allow the teacher to move about the classroom during instruction improving student responsiveness.
  • Allow instructional flexibility as the digital component can be used in place of the downloadable cards in a whole group setting, while the printed MSRC cards are still recommended for use in small group instruction.
  • Align with the instructional dialogue and gradual release model presented in the Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher’s Edition.
  • Include a visual for an ‘I Do’ and ‘We Do’ that guides students through the process for completing downloadable handouts and reviewing an animated answer key, allowing students to determine their own level of mastery.
  • Allow users to download Pacing Guides for each of the 6 syllable type lessons and Student Application Tasks to assess for skill mastery
  • Give teachers the option on Day 5 of each lesson to collect and analyze student data to monitor progress.
  • Permit instructional flexibility with lessons being delivered in-class or remotely.

Digital Presentation, subscription per single user, valid July 1 – June 30; renewable on an annual basis.

Multisyllable Routine Cards Poster Set

95 Percent Group Multisyllable Routine Cards

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MSRC Package includes the Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's Edition, the MSRC Digital Presentation, and a poster set to reinforce concepts.

Watch the MSRC Package Digital Presentation Demo to learn more about using this animated component in your classroom to improve instructional delivery and student engagement.



                                             Multisyllable Routine Cards Teacher's Edition

Multisyllable Routine Cards Sample Lesson