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Tier 2: Intervention

95 Phonics Screener for Intervention™ (95 PSI™)

Make data-informed decisions. This diagnostic assessment aligns with our phonics skills continuum to help you identify and address each child’s needs.

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Diagnose, group, and instruct, skillfully

95 PSI helps teachers understand each child’s needs so they can provide targeted instruction to close the gap for struggling readers. This easy-to-use assessment provides insight into a student’s ability to read single and multisyllable words with specific phonics patterns, mapping each student’s skill level to our phonics continuum.

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Easy-to-administer, insightful, diagnostic tool

Quick and effective diagnostic data works in conjunction with universal assessments. The results you get will tell you exactly which 95 Percent Group products to use and exactly where to begin instruction.

Pinpoint specific skill deficits

Identifies skill mastery in basic phonics, advanced phonics, and multisyllable words, as well as sight words.

Identify the appropriate intervention

Eliminate guesswork and confidently place each child in Tier 2 or Tier 3 for focused intervention. The 95 PSI can also assist in grouping students with similar needs. Quick and effective diagnostic data works in conjunction with universal assessments.

Map results to materials students love

Skills align directly with the skills in the Phonics Lesson Library™, the Multisyllable Routine Cards, and the Phonics Chip Kit™ instructional materials, including basic, advanced, and multisyllable options.

Help students stay on track

Use 95 PSI to evaluate progress throughout the year. This 10-minute assessment has varied forms for 2-minute progress monitoring after a concept is taught.

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Using the 95 Percent Group assessments was efficient and effective. Actually this is the first time I have seen phonics assessments used in such a consistent, successful way.

Mehgan Shuelke

Educational Diagnostician, Glen Rose ISD, Texas
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Who is 95 PSI for?

95 PSI supports K-5 classroom teachers in quickly identifying student strengths and areas of need, including:

Students who have lower than expected reading accuracy

Students who are accurate but nonfluent readers, or who are unable to read text passages at grade-level benchmarks

Students who are below benchmark on the oral reading fluency portion of a curriculum-based measurement

Download the 95 Phonics Skills Continuum chart
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How does 95 PSI work?

The 95 PSI helps teachers understand each child’s needs and provides targeted instruction to close the gap for struggling readers

Identifies skill mastery in Basic Phonics, Advanced Phonics, and Multisyllable Words, as well as Sight Words

Assists in grouping students of similar needs for intervention instruction

Assists in measuring progress throughout the year

What’s included?

95 PSI facilitates teachers’ workflow and grouping of students for focused intervention.

Getting Started Guide and User’s Manual

A Getting Started Guide and a User’s Manual ensure staff members well trained in phonics can prepare quickly and easily to administer the 95 PSI diagnostic assessment.

Student Materials Booklet and Student Scoring Forms (including Forms A, B, and C)

The pre-printed, spiral-bound Student Materials Booklet contains individual pages for each skill in all three forms (A, B, and C) in a larger font size for students to read more easily.

Classroom Grouping Worksheets and Error Pattern Analysis Worksheets

Easy-to-use worksheets help you understand and correlate each child’s needs for targeted instruction.

Sample printed Student Materials Booklet

95 PSI purchase includes one sample printed Student Materials Booklet.

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Experience One95

One95 integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers — so you’re ready and able to help every child realize their reading potential.

Created by and for educators, One95 helps students build and fortify the foundational and advanced skills they need to grow as independent readers.

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of students reading at or above grade level in classrooms after just six months of using the One95 literacy system.

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