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Tier 2: Intervention

95 Phonics Lesson Library™

The evidence-based, all-inclusive Tier 2 intervention program your students need and you can trust—designed by teachers, for teachers.

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Phonics lessons you need for effective intervention

Guide students to grade-level mastery with 95 Phonics Lesson Library. This evidence-based program for intervention offers three levels of instruction and easy-to-use, fully-prepared lessons. As a precision tool, 95 Phonics Lesson Library gives students the targeted intervention they need to fill specific skill gaps. As a step-by-step phonics program, it builds skills in students who need additional support across the board.

Reading specialist with her small group intervention students

Phonics lessons that help your students achieve grade-level success

Teacher-directed implementation paths allow flexibility where it matters. With 75 fully prepared phonics lessons, educators have the tools they need to close skill gaps with precision and ease.

Ready-to-use lessons

Clear lesson layouts and ready-to-use instructional dialogue save teachers’ time.

Maintain student focus

Routine-based instruction leaves students free to focus on skill mastery, rather than having to navigate changes in learning processes.

Gradual release of responsibility

Built-in practice opportunities in each lesson provide the gradual release support that students need to learn without requiring any teacher prep.

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What’s included in our phonics lesson plans?

These classroom-ready phonics lessons are broken into three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Multisyllable. Each of the 75 weekly lessons includes the following:

  • Weekly lesson broken into a five-day plan, including phonics chip movement.
  • Three decodable text passages per skill (teacher and student versions)
  • Word lists
  • Teacher word cards
  • Student word cards for word sort
  • Fluency sheets
  • Review grids
  • Thorough, clear, expanded lesson plans
  • Comprehension questions
  • End of lesson assessments
Book cover titled Phonics Lesson Library Skill 2.2: Short Vowel, Short a Followed by Nasals.

95 Phonics Lesson Library, Basic Skills

Set your students on a path to lifelong reading with the 95 Phonics Lesson Library Basic Edition. This program includes 32 evidence-backed weekly lessons.

Set a strong foundation in basic phonics with 6 lessons in short vowels.

Introduce blends and past tense in the next 8 lessons.

Instruct digraphs in 6 lessons.

Celebrate your students’ basic mastery after their 12 lessons in long vowels and phonograms.

Book cover titled Phonics Lesson Library Skill 7.3: Vowel Teams, Two Sounds of ea.

95 Phonics Lesson Library, Advanced Skills

25 weekly lessons to promote your students who have mastered the basic phonics skills through long vowels and phonograms. Our Advanced Skills edition helps your students proceed through complex consonants and past tense.

Introduce your students to more advanced phonics, starting with 5 lessons on predictable vowel teams.

Establish your students’ mastery of unpredictable vowel teams in 6 lessons.

Support your students in discovering vowel-r in 6 lessons.

Wrap up advanced skills in 8 lessons with complex consonants and past tense.

Book cover titled Phonics Lesson Library Skill 15.3: Vowel-r, Complex Multisyllable.

95 Phonics Lesson Library, Multisyllable Skills

Students make their next leap in reading mastery with our 18 weekly lessons in closed, simple multisyllable words.

Teach the critical six syllable types in order of difficulty.

Develop essential skills with lessons in closed syllables.

Note your students’ increasing confidence as they solidify their knowledge of long vowel, silent-e and build their open syllable and vowel team skills.

Direct solid student mastery with lessons on consonant-le syllables and on vowel-r syllables.

A happy elementary school girl Fulton County stretches her arms up in her classroom

Trusted, proven literacy instruction

Advance students’ phonics mastery with our evidence-based system that brings the learning experiences and results you’ll love.

Evidence-based means impact

Accelerate students’ skill gains with evidence-proven lessons. Third-party, independent research confirms efficacy.

Make learning fun and engaging

Keep your students’ attention with our full-color lesson plans. Each lesson features phonics chip movement for concrete, multi-sensory instruction and fun.

Bring ease-of-use to the next-level

Glide through our pre-planned program as you coach students to phonics mastery. Time estimates, clear steps, “I Dos,” and symbols make the lesson materials turnkey.

Meet each student where they are

Materials and chip kits students love, customized into Basic, Advanced, and Multisyllable versions that align with our continuum of instruction.

Download the 95 Phonics Skills Mastery Continuum chart

Download the 95 Phonics Skills Mastery Continuum chart

Realize the cumulative impact of explicit instruction on your students in grades 1 to 3 as they develop Skills 2 to 15. This chart shows the order of phonics skills mastery.

Phonics Skills Continuum

Phonics lessons that set the standard

Fall in love with phonics. Download a sample of our lessons and materials, custom designed for each level, and try it out in your classroom.

 95 Phonics Lesson Library, Basic Skills

This powerful start to our basic edition provides cumulative steps and explicit instruction.

Download sample

95 Phonics Lesson Library, Advanced Skills

Explore the continuing skills students can learn after they have mastered the basic level.

Download sample

95 Phonics Lesson Library, Multisyllable Skills

95 Phonics Lesson Library, Multisyllable Skills

Download sample

Explore outcomes from the field

High-quality, easy-to-implement, fully-prepared lessons and materials mean faster, better results for our school customers and their students. Get to know the efficacy study data.

Read our efficacy studies
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increase in percent of first graders on/above grade level from fall to spring using 95 Phonics Lesson Library.

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For years we had talked about intervention that is personalized and that truly meets the needs of student deficits. And this does.

Renee Hall, supervisor of reading and media (K-5)

Wicomico County Public Schools
One powerful solution for multi-tier reading instruction

One powerful solution for multi-tier reading instruction

The evidence is consistent and overwhelming: explicit and systematic phonics instruction leads to better outcomes. Our One95 literacy ecosystem combines evidence-based instruction tools, resources, and knowledge into one comprehensive system — proven and trusted to help students master reading fundamentals.

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or more of students can learn to read with high quality, evidence-based instruction

95 Phonics Lesson Library

Literacy is one of the most important skills we can give the next generation. Discover why more teachers love and trust 95 Phonics Lesson Library—and experience the reading improvement in your own classroom. Get in touch today.

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