95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up
Grades 1 - 3

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The 95 Phonics Booster Bundle: Tune-Up™ is an explicit 25-day phonics program for students in grades 1 - 3 taught either whole class or small group to address gaps resulting from COVID learning loss. The program provides teachers with phonics and word study lessons to catch up students who have experienced gaps due to instructional challenges during the pandemic. 

                          95 Phonics Booster Bundle Tune-Up

The 20-minute lessons are designed to provide a daily “tune-up” covering the most critical phonics skills that students may not have mastered during the previous school year. It can be implemented with minimal preparation and eliminates the need for planning time.

The all-inclusive program provides targeted structured literacy instruction that is systematic, sequential, and cumulative. The lessons can be taught as a brief review for 25 days or teachers can skip around and provide instruction based on the skills their students' most urgently need to master.

Components include a Teacher’s Package and a Student Workbook Package

The 95 Phonics Booster Bundle: Tune-Up™ Teacher’s Package contains lessons and dialogue to guide effective phonics instruction. All materials are contained in a spiral-bound Teacher’s Edition with easy-to-follow lesson scripts and routines, along with teacher manipulatives, an assessment, on-demand video training, and access to an html presentation file to guide instruction.

Instruction can be provided in class, at home or in a hybrid learning environment. The scripted lesson plans and digital components ensure that students receive a consistent curriculum face-to-face or remotely across the school or district.

 Presentation SlideSound Spelling Card
The Student Workbook Package is sold separately and provides everything students need including engaging individual student phonics manipulatives and decodable textsBecause the Student Workbooks come in a 5-pack, schools can order the quantities needed by class size.


Join Dr. Susan Hall for an introduction to 95Phonics Booster Bundle:Tune-Up 

For many schools, EOY data has identified a significant number of students not mastering critical phonics skills. In this 2-minute program overview, Dr. Hall advocates using Tune-Up to address learning loss issues at the outset of the school year to give students a literacy boost and get them on track for a successful school year.

Watch to learn how you can use Tune-Up lessons whole class to supplement your core, with Tier 1 small groups, for Tier 2 intervention, before or after school tutoring, and with students on an IEP. 

Jumpstart the Year with a Phonics Tune-Up On-Demand Webinar 

Want to know more about how you can effectively use Tune-Up with your students this fall?

Watch the webinar at your convenience to learn more about addressing unfinished learning as the new school year begins. Join Dr. Hall as she models instructional best practices and strategies to maximize student results and minimize the need for phonics intervention. Download the link here and share it with your team.

Same great Summer Booster Bundle content provides a critical Fall Phonics Tune-Up

95 Percent Group developed the Tune-Up program because schools are facing unprecedented challenges when planning for the 2021-2022 school year following a full academic year during COVID. Although the COVID stimulus funds present a funding source, schools are finding few materials that were developed to effectively target their most urgent need for grade 1-3 students, which is phonics.

Address phonics gaps on Day 1

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, 95 Percent Group received many requests for help in creating a plan of action for the literacy demands many schools will face in the fall. The key is to be prepared to fuel students’ learning on day 1 and not delay for initial assessments to be completed. Tune-Up provides a method for beginning this supplement in the first week of school with a goal of reducing the number of students who will need Tier 2 intervention.

Due to client demand and an overview of current literacy data, 95 Percent Group made the decision to take 100% of the content from the  Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School Edition 2021 and offer it as a phonics “tune-up” review to be used during the upcoming school year.

The TE contents for both the Summer Booster Bundle and the Tune-Up are identical, just a new cover, so schools that are using the summer program will only need to order Student Workbooks to continue using the program in the fall.

Download 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™:
Tune-Up Overview and Sample Lessons

We invite you to preview this essential comprehensive phonics program by downloading the Tune-Up overview and a sample lesson from each grade level.

Grade 1 Sample Lesson

Grade 2 Sample Lesson

Grade 3 Sample Lesson

Watch the Tune-Up Digital File Presentation demo. This animated subscription is included with initial purchase and can be renewed annually.

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