The 95 Percent Group Product Portfolio

Our collection of teacher-friendly instructional materials, manipulatives, demonstration videos, diagnostic instruments, and other resources continues to grow.

Our materials are developed by our staff, all of whom are former K–8 educators. Our product line began as we created materials to address needs identified during our consulting assignments.

Today, that product line expands as teachers and curriculum leaders make specific requests. We field test every product extensively in classrooms to fine-tune content, visuals, and associated professional development materials.

Our Proven Processes

Our processes have been field tested with hundreds of clients and include the use of:

Skill continuums that give educators strategic, actionable insight about the sequence of instruction and provide a framework for identifying progression of skill mastery by grade level;

Diagnostic assessments that align to the skills continuum and help educators identify student deficits to make better decisions about where to begin instruction;

 • Instructional materials that are evidence-based, practical, and provide the lessons and all components needed to deliver focused, targeted intervention by teachers who have limited time for lesson planning. Our materials were developed by our staff, all of whom are former teachers, based on clients identifying needs and teachers piloting prototypes; and

 • Professional development, coaching, and follow-up at the district and building level so that data-informed instructional practices and effective interventions are sustained.

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