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10 Questions & 4 Tips for Transforming Literacy Leadership

Science of reading-aligned instruction across all tiers

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Transform student outcomes in your district or classroom

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Sharon Dunn, MTSS Leadership Consultant, share 10 Questions and 4 Tips for Transforming Literacy Leadership.

Topics included:

  • Understanding and continuing to ask the correct questions to build sustainable Science of Reading knowledge and instructional practices across all grade levels,
  • Putting a non-negotiable, cohesive Science of Reading aligned product and professional learning ecosystem in place to directly impact reading achievement, and
  • Forming a guiding coalition with other school or district changemakers to make continuous literacy improvement.
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Read more about the science of reading in our blog.

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Science of Reading Insights

After two decades of thought leadership in the Science of Reading and of working with educators to unlock the power of literacy for every child, here is what we’ve learned and how we believe literacy should move forward.

A parent guides her middle school student as he proudly reads a chapter book

Reading Matters: Insights from Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer

Following a career as a teacher, administrator, and professional with Rowland Reading Foundation, Highlights Education Group, and The Reading League, Laura Stewart joined 95 Percent Group as Chief Academic Officer. She’s on a mission, and it’s an important one. Stewart says that children today risk falling behind in school and life if they don’t learn to read proficiently by the end of third grade. Laura aims to help all children “flourish as literate citizens of the 21st century.” Read on as she shares her unique insights on building teacher knowledge to improve student outcomes.

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An elementary school girl absorbed in her literacy workbook lesson

Get Students Reading at Grade Level

When it comes to literacy instruction, using an evidence-based curriculum and best practices matter. A few years ago, we often heard from educators that they were adapting 95 Percent Group’s intervention products for their Tier 1 instruction. Teachers are experts in making the most out of the resources they have. But 95 Percent Group listened to them and understood this as an important call to action. Read on to learn more. 

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Sold a Story webinar feature

Sold a Story: Learning Brings Discovery

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer and literacy expert, reflects on Emily Hanford’s podcast series, Sold a Story. Episode 4 focuses on Teachers College Columbia professor Lucy Calkins: “She’s one of the most influential people in American elementary education today. Her admirers call her books bibles. Why didn’t she know that scientific research contradicted reading strategies she promoted?” It’s a good question.

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