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Building Phonemic Awareness Across Instructional Tiers: An evidence-aligned approach

Watch the webinar to learn more about 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™, our comprehensive solution that includes Tier 1 instruction, assessment, differentiated Tier 2 interventions, and professional learning.

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One comprehensive Phonemic Awareness solution

Built on the latest phonemic awareness research, the 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™ provides an effective and efficient curriculum that fully supports the needs of early readers. This comprehensive program features Tier 1 instruction, assessment, differentiated Tier 2 intervention, and professional learning — all aligned to provide consistent routines and seamless movement between tiers for teachers and students.

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After you watch the webinar, explore our trial starter kit to experience the power of our 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite in your classroom. Cross-tier downloadable trial components include:

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Trial guide 

With best practices for getting started along with scope & sequences for core and intervention curricula

Core: Tier 1 instruction from 95 Pocket PA™  

3 week-long lessons on segmenting and blending phonemes, each with Digital Presentation Files


An excerpt of 95 Phonemic Awareness Screener for Intervention™ (PASI), aligned to the skills being taught as a part of core instruction

Tier 2 Intervention:  95 Phonemic Awareness Intervention Resource™ (PAIR) 

For students with skill gaps identified by PASI, 95 PAIR offers support that matches up seamlessly with core instruction, including lessons for students struggling to learn the letter Tt, as well as a 5-day lesson on segmenting 2-3 phonemes with manipulatives and other resources

The information for all pieces of the program was very well laid out in the webinar, and it seems like a solid, research-based program.  The built-in teacher tips for teaching phonemic awareness are amazing, like PD in a book!

Teacher, Athens City School District, OH

Teacher reading with children in library setting

Research-based phonemic awareness programs and curriculum

Phonemic awareness is an essential skill in reading development and a strong predictor of reading success. Our new suite of solutions provides educators with the full array of tools they need to help all students in each tier master these critical skills.

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Additional resources

Gain access to additional information about phonemic awareness and why it’s an essential skill in reading development.

Teacher reading a book with two young students

Building a solid foundation for reading skills: Q & A on 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™

Meet Joni Maville, director of content development at 95 Percent Group. Joni understands the critical need to close literacy skill gaps as early as possible for all students to help them become confident readers. Learn more about our new 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™ and why it is a “true game changer” for unlocking the power of literacy for every student.

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You asked, and our product experts answered: FAQs from the live webinar

You asked, and our product experts answered: FAQs from the live webinar

Our live webinar attendees had lots of great questions about using this new program with their students. Download this FAQ document to learn from your colleagues and the creators of this powerful new phonemic awareness resource!

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Evidence-Based Phonemic Awareness Program for Young Learners

Evidence-Based Phonemic Awareness Program for Young Learners

95 Phonemic Awareness Suite provides a comprehensive solution for developing awareness of speech sounds for grades K-1 with lessons, intervention tools, assessments, and professional learning across tiers of instruction.

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