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Earn your Top 10 Tools micro-credential, demonstrating you’ve achieved a high level of competency in Structured Literacy Instruction.

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Why obtain a micro-credential?

In the pursuit of continuing education and advanced degrees, you may find yourself locked in a program that doesn’t help you improve your skill-level and knowledge.

Micro-credentials are an alternative to advanced degrees, and provide new pathways to professional development. Micro-credentials reflect your choices, can be compiled into stackable blocks of knowledge in a particular topic, and demonstrate your continuing professional development, dedication, and desire for improving your practice and knowledge through personalized learning.

Top 10 Tools is approved by Credentials Unlimited for a micro-credential, and the course meets the following competencies for Structured Literacy Instruction:

  • Understand/apply in practice the general principles and practices of structured language and literacy teaching, including explicit, systematic, cumulative, teacher-directed instruction.
  • Know and apply in practice considerations for the general and specific goals of phonemic-awareness instruction.
  • Understand rationale to identify, pronounce, classify, and compare all the consonant phonemes and all the vowel phonemes of the English language.
  • Know/apply in practice considerations for organizing word recognition and spelling lessons by following a structured phonics lesson plan.
  • Know/apply in practice considerations for systematically teaching the decoding of multisyllabic words.

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Obtaining your micro-credential

To pass the assessment, you’ll need to obtain an 80% or higher, and you’ll have three attempts to achieve that result. If you don’t pass, payment is not refunded.

Step 1

Register for your Top 10 Tools course.

Step 2

Successfully complete the training according to the guidelines.

Step 3

Click the button below, complete payment, and start your online assessment.

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