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Phonics lesson plans improve instruction

Students sitting together at a large deck with worksheets in front of them.

Sound-spelling mapping is a research-based instructional practice that involves analyzing words by moving an object representing each sound into a box. Students acquire skills more quickly when teachers explain phonics patterning using manipulatives and sound-spelling mapping. Here’s a brief overview of strategies and resources.

Educators often ask where lesson plans help. We believe that they help because teachers benefit from reminders of the logical sequence of steps in an effective lesson. When providing targeted phonics intervention instruction, there is a logical instructional sequence that helps students focus on the sounds first and spelling later. This learning sequence is very important because many students want to concentrate on the letters without relating the sounds to the letters.

Teaching Phonics Lesson Plans with 95 Phonics Chip Kits™

95 Percent Group’s Phonics Chips Kits (PCK) provide a collection of multisensory lessons and manipulatives for intervention instruction. Bridging the gap from phonological awareness to phonics patterns, instruction includes manipulatives to help students fluently recognize the phonics pattern and correctly sound out a syllable or word.

PCK is available in three skill levels, Basic, Advanced, and Multisyllable. All of the kits use color-coded shapes to signify the position of consonant and vowel sounds.

The use of sound chips help students see phonics patterns which helps struggling readers recognize unknown words and read them more fluently.  As students’ progress through the phonics continuum, the sound chips are traded for spelling chips as the lessons shift from phonemic awareness to letter-sound correspondence and spelling.

Rapid and automatic recognition of the phonics patterns is a powerful way to help students know whether to read the syllable or word with a short, long, or other vowel sound.

Using the PCK Advanced in small-group intervention provides instructional routines for recognizing and reading advanced phonics patterns, saves teachers planning time, and ensures that all lessons are delivered in a consistent and research-based manner. Download your complimentary Phonics Chip Kit Advanced sample lesson plan to learn more about this effective phonics intervention resource and improve your efficacy teaching phonics lesson plans.

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