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Effective Phonics Intervention Lesson Plan

Children on a rug, free to move around as they use their chip kits and spelling mats

Trying to teach a variety of phonics skills, at the same time, can be overwhelming—but the key to effective intervention instruction is planning. This brief post will provide some suggestions to help you plan.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully assessed your students and perfectly grouped them by skill levels. You know exactly who needs to master which skills to become strong readers. Now, the lingering question is, “How do I provide effective phonics intervention lessons to ensure that ALL students meet EOY reading goals?”

Structured Phonics Intervention Lesson Plans Keep Students Moving Forward

At the start of any small group intervention lesson, spend just 2 minutes reviewing for prior knowledge and assessing your students for skill readiness. You don’t want to waste this time teaching a concept your students have already mastered or one that they aren’t ready to learn. This review time is a great way to go over what was taught in a prior lesson and engage the learning process.

Take the next 10-15 minutes to introduce and teach a new concept. Prepare your students by telling them exactly what they are going to learn. Engage the students by having them actively participate in the lesson using “I do” and “We do” instructions.

Next, introduce an activity such as word reading accuracy or fluency where students will get the chance to recognize and read words that include a specific skill such as vowel teams, ai and ay. Listen as they read short phrases, 4-word phrases, and sentences that include ai and ay words. Monitor student fluency so you can assess progress on a daily basis. Fluency at the word level precedes passage fluency.

Now, move on to activities such as word building or sentence dictation for skill practice and to continually engage your young readers. Once your students can readily recognize the word patterns, they will later have a chance to transfer this learning to text. Each step in the phonics intervention lesson plan builds upon the other and gives the students ample opportunities to see the word patterns in several different ways.

Try Our Phonics Intervention Sample Lesson Plan: Skill 6.3: Vowel Teams, ai and ay

Are your phonics intervention plans effective—or do you find yourself overwhelmed by lesson planning? Are you looking for more effective phonics intervention lesson plans?

Then take a closer look at the Phonics Lesson Library™ Skill 6.3:  Vowel Teams ai and ay Sample Lesson Plan. PLL is an extensive phonics interventional program that provides everything required for effective phonics lessons. All of the highlighted elements listed above appear in our daily plans, saving teachers valuable time because all the planning is completed by skill.

Each 5-day, full color plan provides explicit instructions, time estimates, goals, assessment materials, fluency sheets, word lists, and other key resources to improve phonics instruction and student outcomes.

Teaching phonics intervention should be rewarding, not overwhelming. Providing students with consistent, engaging instruction to overcome skill deficits is required for student and teacher success.

Download our Advanced Phonics Lesson Sample today.

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