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50 Nifty Activities resources

Get fun, free 50 Nifty Activities resources that engage your students in activities designed to support literacy skill development across all tiers of instruction.

Discover 50 Nifty Activities

Engage students in activities proven to develop their reading skills in the five components of early literacy across all tiers of instruction.

Support multisensory instruction

Lively and engaging literacy instruction that meets multisensory needs

Trust in evidence

Activities are proven to reinforce important concepts of literacy instruction in early literacy development

Easy-to-follow, engaging

Provide direct, explicit, and systematic instruction in a fun and easy-to-follow format

Personalize learning across tiers

Three variations for each activity supports whole class, small group, and individual instruction and practice opportunities

Sample activity worksheets: appendix A set

Get started now with activities available in our worksheet sets designed for young learners. Start here with appendix A.

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Sample activity worksheets: appendix B set

Continue student learning with activities available in our appendix B worksheet set.

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A reading specialist uses color and clear, tactile resources to ensure literacy success for her students

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