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95 Percent Group is pleased to offer these complimentary webinars for educators for all educators.  Each 30-minute webinar is presented by one of our experienced consultants.

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Teaching with Decodable Text
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Mastering the Questioning Process
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What is Orthographic Mapping and Why is it Important?
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How the Brain Reads: Highlighting the Work of Dr. Stanislas Dehaene 
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Scarborough’s Rope – Strand by Strand
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Phonemic Awareness for Older Readers
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Balanced Literacy and Structured Literacy – What’s the Difference?
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Morphological Awareness – Does it Really Matter?
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edWebinars: Laura Stewart Chief Academic Officer 95 Percent Group edWebinarLeadership and the Science of Reading: An Honest Look at the Joys and Challenges of School Transformation

Recorded Live March 23, 2022

Watch the Recording
 | Listen to the Podcast

Laura Stewart 95 Percent Chief Academic OfficerNow you can listen to Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, school leaders, and agents of change as they share their experiences in transforming school literacy systems and curricula.

During this 60 minute webinar, thought leaders from the field pose questions relating to the journey and discuss shifts in instructional practices within their schools and districts leading to positive results.


Stopping the Pendulum Swing in Reading Instruction

Susan HallJoin Dr. Susan Hall in this candid discussion with Dr. Shelley Vail-Smith about what teachers need to know to provide effective literacy instruction for all students.

Topics include assessment, data-driven instruction, instructional concerns, and best practices, the Science of Reading, critical phonics lesson components, and much more.

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On-Demand Webinars

10 Questions & 4 Tips for Transforming
Literacy Leadership
| Presented Live 12.15.22

In this on-demand webinar, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Sharon Dunn, MTSS Leadership Consultant, joined forces to share 10 Questions & 4 Tips for Transforming Literacy Leadership. The session was designed to help leaders jumpstart Science of Reading-aligned practices to improve student outcomes.

Topics included:

  • Understanding and continuing to ask the correct questions to build sustainable Science of Reading knowledge and instructional practices across all grade levels, 
  • Putting a non-negotiable, cohesive Science of Reading aligned product and professional learning ecosystem in place to directly impact reading achievement, and 
  • Forming a guiding coalition with other school or district changemakers to make continuous literacy improvement. 

Click here to watch the session on-demand.

    What is a Phonics Ecosystem & Why Does it Matter? | Presented Live 11.29.22 

    In this webinar, What is a Phonics Ecosystem & Why Does it Matter?, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director, Content Development, were joined by Renee Hall, Supervisor of K-5 Reading, and Barbara Karsnitz, Second Grade Teacher with Wicomico County Public Schools in Maryland who shared their literacy success story.

    Session highlights include:

    • Taking a closer look at 95 Percent Group’s phonics ecosystem – a cohesive suite of products and professional learning services aligned with the science of reading. 
    • Discussing the benefits for administrators, teachers, and students in working within an ecosystem that includes consistent instructional practices and routines across all tiers. 
    • Reviewing the Wicomico implementation journey with key changemakers and examining the results of a two-year research study demonstrating that students using the 95 Percent Group ecosystem made twice as much progress as those in the comparison group.

    Click here to watch the session on-demand.

    How Literacy is Changing in Texas
    | Presented Live 10.18.22

    Dr. Tracy White Weeden, President & CEO of Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, TX, recently joined Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group, to discuss advancing literacy and academic excellence for children and adults. During this webinar, she shared essential insights about:

    • the science of teaching reading and the science of leading reading
    • how she views Texas at a “tipping point” for advancing literacy
    • her perspective on educators being the “inventors of the future for the children of our state.”

    At the end of the event, Dr. Weeden answered questions and shared resources to support advancing instructional literacy practices in Texas districts and schools.

    Click here to watch the session on-demand.

    Achieving Success with MTSS: Supporting Students in ALL Tiers of Instruction Presented Live 05.24.22 

    Join Laura Stewart, CAO as she partners with the WA State Science of Reading - What I Should Have Learned in College Facebook Group for this informative webinar to effectively guide and support your MTSS roadmap.

    During this recorded webinar, Laura shares MTSS insights to improve current implementation practices, sustain effective processes, and strengthen site-based plans to meet shared goals.

    Click here to watch the session on-demand.

    Summer School That Works: Explicit, Efficient, and Effective 
    Presented live 04.20.22

    Research shows that for rising 1st-3rd students, the number of students entering these grade levels with gaps in their foundational reading skills can be reduced by adding evidence-aligned phonics instruction to your current summer school ELA curriculum.

    We invite all school leaders to watch this session to learn more about implementing a Summer School program that's aligned with Structured Literacy and Reading Science to help students meet grade level expectations.

    This event was hosted by Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director of Product Development, along with our guest panelist Adriel Grieshaber, K-3 Literacy Coordinator, Dysart Unified School District (AZ) who shared her district's summer school success story. Click here to learn more.

    Maximizing Summer School Curriculum to Advance Student Outcomes | Presented live 03.30.22

    If you're getting ready to plan your K-2 Phonics Summer School Curriculum and have questions on how to incorporate Structured Literacy practices that are aligned with The Science of Reading into your daily lesson plans - then you won't want to miss this timely webinar.

    During this session, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Joni Maville, Director of Development, 95 Percent Group, share evidence and research-based phonics strategies to move all rising K-2 students towards grade-level mastery this summer. 

    Use this link to watch the on-demand webinar.

    This Science of Reading session featuring Dr. Susan Hall, Retired Co-Founder and Judie Caroleo, Director of Consulting Operations, 95 Percent Group, was presented in collaboration with the Wisconsin Science of Reading and Literacy Task Force. Click here to watch the session.

    Small Group Structured Literacy Instruction as the Alternative to Leveled Learning Webinar and Discussion | Presented live 02.19.22

    This complimentary event features Dr. Stephanie Stollar, Founder, Reading Science Academy, Judie Caroleo, Director of Consulting Operations, and Stacey Miller, PhD, Regional Account Executive with 95 Percent Group, and was presented in collaboration with The Reading League Ohio. Click here to watch the webinar at your convenience.

    This Science of Reading session was presented in collaboration with The Reading League Illinois, featuring Dr. Susan Hall, Retired Co-founder, 95 Percent Group and a panel of IL Educators. 

    Click here to view this event on-demand.