Contact us about how we can deliver professional development and product training online to your educational staff:

Facilitator-Led Live Online Workshops

95 Percent Group offers workshops on many topics from general knowledge about reading instruction to training on our products. Schools and districts contract our consultants to teach during in-service days or during school days.
We present on a wide variety of topics including:

• The five components of reading instruction
• An overview of the RTI framework
• Using data to inform instruction
• Data-differentiated instruction
• Improving Tier 1 instruction
• Product training

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Online Courses

Our online courses provide an efficient and cost effective way for teachers to engage in professional learning that is available 24/7 from school or home. The topics range from general background on reading to training on one of our diagnostic assessments or instructional products.

These are short narrated courses that often include exercises to solidify learning and video clips where the participant can hear from experts in the field or view examples of instructional strategies.

A small sample of topics:
• How to administer and score the PSI
• Using data to form intervention groups
• Understanding the characteristics of dyslexia

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Instructional Demonstration Video Playlists

Additional support for educators is offered through access to video playlists. By enrolling in a playlist annual license, an educator can access on-demand videos showing a 95 Percent Group consultant modeling instruction.

Access to the playlist is available 24/7, enabling teachers to plan and review lessons prior to instruction with students. Playlists for the following 95 Percent Group products include:

Phonological Awareness Lessons
Phonics Lesson Library
Multisyllable Routine Cards
Elementary Comprehension, Grades 3-6

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Training Topics