Phonics Chip Kits™

Easy to Assemble and Use |  Includes all of the Materials Needed for the Teacher and Up to 8 Intervention Students

The Phonics Chip Kit™ helps teachers explain phonics patterns using manipulatives and sound-spelling mapping. Each kit helps teachers focus on sound-spelling pattern identification rather than word reading and directs student’s attention to identifying individual phonemes in words and analyzing sound-spelling patterns. Each kit provides strategies for identifying different sound-spelling patterns in words.

The phonics lessons are broken into 3 parts: Basic, Advanced, and Multisyllable. Each kit includes:  

Teacher Materials

  •     Magnetic colored blank sound chips
  •     Magnetic colored spelling chips with letters and/or patterns printed on them
  •     Magnetic sound-spelling mapping mat(s)
  •     Teacher Guide with explicit instructions showing dialogue and graphics of chip positions

 Student Materials  

  •     8 laminated sound-spelling mapping mats
  •     8 sets of blank sound and spelling chips in laminated card stock


Enhance instruction with the Phonics Chip Kit™
Digital Teaching Add-on for Basic or Advanced PCK

PCK Digital Add-on for Basic and Advanced Editions

The full-color animated presentation files illustrate chip movement as you work with your small groups so you can seamlessly deliver intervention instruction digitally. To maximize file usage, we recommend using a wireless presentation remote for fluid instructional delivery. The Digital Teaching Add-on is available for the Basic or Advanced PCK editions and is sold separately for each product type as a Site-Based School Year Subscription, Valid July 1 – June 30.

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Basic Edition

Phonics Chip Kit™, Basic includes materials for 32 one-syllable phonics concepts, including:

  • Short vowels (6 skills)
  • Blends (7 skills)
  • Digraphs (6 skills)
  • Long Vowels and Phonograms (12 skills)
  • Simple Past Tense (1 skill)

Download a sample of the Basic edition:

Advanced Edition

Phonics Chip Kit, Advanced includes materials for 26 one-syllable phonics concepts, including:

  • Predictable Vowel Teams (5 skills)
  • Unpredictable Vowel Teams (6 skills)
  • Vowel-r and Vowel-r Phonograms (6 skills)
  • Complex Consonants (7 skills)
  • Complex Past Tense (1 skill)

    Download a sample of the Advanced edition:

    Multisyllable Edition

    Phonics Chip Kit, Multisyllable includes materials for 18 lessons covering the six syllable types, including:

    • Closed Syllable (4 skills)
    • Silent-e Syllable (3 skills)
    • Open Syllable (3 skills)
    • Vowel Team Syllable (4 skills)
    • Consonant-le Syllable (1 skill)
    • Vowel-r Syllable (3 skills)

    Download a sample of the Multisyllable edition:

    Phonics Chip Kit Basic-image
    Phonics Chip Kit Advanced
    Phonics Chip Kit Multisyllable-image

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