Phonological Awareness Lessons

Designed primarily for pre-K through grade 1, the Phonological Awareness Lessons teacher guide offers a set of instructional procedures and all materials to teach 39 phonological awareness and readiness skills.

Through a purposefully designed two-page format, teachers can glance down and quickly see a model of what to say and do during instruction to help students learn to identify, analyze, and manipulate phonological units.

The Phonological Awareness Lessons includes instructional procedures for 39 skills divided into five categories—three levels of phonological awareness (Syllables, Onset-Rime, and Phonemes) and two levels of readiness (Concepts and Terms and Applying Language).

In addition to the guide, the following instructional materials are available for download:

  • More than 100 picture cards
  • 13 instructional mats
  • 6 sets of shapes in various colors

The preprinted, easy-to-assemble Phonological Awareness Manipulatives Kit is also available for purchase. 

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Phonological Awareness Lessons cover

Phonological Awareness Lessons Sample