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Use our Diagnostic Screeners to Provide Effective Data-Driven Intervention Instruction


Our Phonological Awareness Screener for Intervention™ (PASI™) and Phonics Screener 
for Intervention™
 (PSI™) are easy-to-administer, informal diagnostic assessment tools designed to work with universal screeners.  Curriculum-based measures (CBMs) tell  who is struggling and the PASI and PSI assessments indicate why and where to begin intervention instruction. 

PASI identifies which phonological awareness skills a student has mastered and which ones they are missing as shown on our developmental continuum.  Using our Phonological Awareness Lessons, that align with the PASI, teachers are able to explicitly teach these skills to mastery.

PSI identifies the skills students have not yet mastered and aligns with our phonics continuum and instructional materials: Phonics Lesson Library, Phonics Chip Kit, and Multisyllable Routine Cards.  Educators that use PSI know exactly how to group their students and where to begin phonics intervention.

Teachers can use the screeners as the first step to directly placing students in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 group for focused instruction making efficient use of intervention time by moving students seamlessly from assessment to grouping to instruction.

Both PASI and PSI are offered as school site licensed products with a one-time fee. Staff can easily download all materials online using their 95 Percent Group account.

Phonological Awareness Screener
Phonics Screener for Intervention

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