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Use our Phonics Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up Grades 1-3 to Provide Explicit Phonics Lesson that Address Critical Skill Gaps on Day 1 of the New School Year

Unfortunately, the need for a whole-class phonics supplement is the reality in this post-pandemic year.
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95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up is a 25-day review of grade 1-3 prior year’s phonics skills and provides a way to begin targeted sequential, systematic, and explicit instruction in the first week of school to ensure all students are able to decode efficiently and reduce the number of students who will need Tier 2 intervention. The scripted lessons can be taught whole-class for 20 minutes daily, or in small groups.

Teacher's and Student Workbook Packages are Sold Separately

The Teacher’s Package contains lessons and dialogue to guide effective phonics instruction, as well as manipulatives the teacher uses during instruction, engaging presentation files and on-demand training. Because the lessons are scripted and all materials are included - the program requires minimal teacher prep and maintains a consistent curriculum across the school or district.

The Student Workbook Package provides everything students need including engaging individual phonics manipulatives and decodable texts. The consumable student workbooks are sold in sets of 5 to easily accommodate any class size.

Additionally, because Tune-Up is based on our Phonics Core Program (PCP), if teachers believe their students need this type of instruction all year, by purchasing the PCP it’s possible to not miss a beat and continue with structured literacy instruction throughout the year. The PCP follows the exact same lesson format and uses the same routines, manipulatives, and gestures. Because the Tune-Up lessons are a review, they are taken from the prior year’s content so there is no duplication.

Preview our Tune-Up program and download a sample lesson for each grade level here.
95 Phonics Booster Bundle Grade 3 Set

Jumpstart the Year with a Phonics Tune-Up Webinar
Thursday, June 24 |  Noon CT  |  Dr. Susan Hall

Want to know more about how you can effectively use Tune-Up with your students this fall?

Register today for this complimentary webinar with Dr. Hall where she'll model instructional best practices and strategies to maximize results. Can't attend live? No worries, register to be notified after the event and we'll send you a link to watch the webinar at your convenience.

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