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95 Phonics Skill Series™: Short Vowels

                           95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels

Our new Short Vowels supplemental resource is the first in a series of lessons designed to fill gaps, review, or enrich specific phonics skills for students in grades 1-8. The 30 daily lessons were developed to meet the needs of all students who require instructional reinforcement and explicit instruction of all 5 short vowels in CVC words to reach closed syllable pattern mastery.

What is 95 Phonics Skill Series™: Short Vowels?

This versatile program helps students, across all grade levels, proficiently read CVC words through 20-minute lessons that reinforce the closed syllable pattern through word sorting, sound-spelling mapping with and without phonics chips, fluency, word chains, sentence dictation, and decodable passages. Each scripted lesson begins with an explanation of the phonics concept and provides student application at the word, phrase, sentence and passage level leading to mastery. 

95 Percent Group Phonics Continuum CVC WordsThe new 95 Phonics Skill Series™ lessons are easy for teachers to implement regardless of their depth of knowledge about phonics concepts. 

For clients using 95 Percent Group’s phonological and phonics core and intervention programs, these lessons follow our proven Phonics Continuum.

95 Phonics Skill Series™: Short Vowels provides Strategic Instruction 

Our versatile Phonics Skill Series provides strategic instruction for Tier 1 and Tier 2 of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Usage includes:

Tier 1: Add this explicit review to core instruction during your Tier 1 ELA block (Grades 1-3)

Tier 2: Teach these fully prepared strategic, systematic lessons for Tier 2 small group (K-8)

Instruction for ELL Students

Targeted IEP Skills

Enrichment for preschool or kindergarten students

Tutoring and after-school programs at all grade levels 

                           95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels

95 Phonics Skill Series™ Materials 

The 95 Phonics Skill Series includes Teacher and Student packages that are sold separately.

Teacher’s Package includes a printed spiral-bound TE, Sound-Spelling Cards, and access to a secure online site that includes ancillary materials, HTML Digital Presentation files to be used during each day’s instruction as well as to the 30-minute recorded teacher training.

Student Workbook Package includes pages for sorting words, word chaining, writing dictated sentences, decodable passages, and a removable insert with individual student manipulatives. The workbooks are available in 5-packs to enable flexible ordering for varying class and group sizes.


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Teacher's Package includes a spiral-bound TE with scripted lessons. 

95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels TE
A set of Sound-Spelling Cards with articulation guidance.

95 Phonics Skill Series Sound Spelling Cards with Articulation
Digital Presentation Files and a Product Training Video accessed online in the Client Portal.

95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels Digital Presentation Files
Student Package includes a pack of 5 workbooks that follow the instruction in the TE for in-class practice or remote learning. 

95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels Student Workbook
Student Manipulatives including a Sound-Spelling Mat and Chips.

95 Phonics Skill Series Short Vowels Student Manipulatives

Download the Overview & Sample Lesson

95Phonics-Skill-Series-Short-Vowels_Overview   95Phonics-Skill-Series-Short-Vowels-Sample

Download our complimentary Overview and  Sample Lesson to preview this engaging, supplemental phonics program.