Fairfax School District Earns R.E.A.D. Award Honors

Zephyr Lane Elementary Partners with 95 Percent Group to Improve Teacher Preparedness and K-3 Reading Achievement

Bakersfield, CA – Susan Hall, Ed. D., Co-Founder, and CEO, 95 Percent Group recently presented Zephyr Lane Elementary Zephyr Lane Read Award Susan HallSchool with the company’s annual R.E.A.D. Award recognizing the school’s dedication to achieving reading excellence.  This distinction is given to schools or districts that demonstrate instructional excellence and dedication, through the use of 95 Percent Group’s processes and products, to support struggling readers. 

Dr. Hall acknowledged Zephyr Lane’s commitment at every level to implement a comprehensive intervention program that prepared teachers to effectively identify and address skill deficits and significantly improve student reading achievement.  

The award was accepted by Fairfax School District Superintendent Michael Coleman and former Zephyr Lane Principal Charley Clark, who now serves as the district’s Director of Programs. 

95 Percent Group Client Manager and Consultant Kim Dale, who worked most closely with Zephyr Lane during their initial implementation, shared the school’s success story. 

 “Three years ago, a small group Zephyr Lane administrators and teachers attended a 95 Percent Group workshop.  At this training, they heard about a program that could show them how to teach kids to read in an explicit, systematic way. This group of educators went back to their school with a renewed passion and were dedicated to making it happen on their campus.  In just a few months, they secured funding, brought 95 Percent Group to their school, and started preparing teachers to effectively impact reading achievement,” remarked Dale. 

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New MTSS Book by Susan Hall, Ed.D.

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention: Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools

Lincolnshire, IL – Dr. Susan Hall’s eighth publication, 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention: Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools, was recently published by 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention by Dr. Susan HallASCD.  Dr. Hall is a nationally recognized author and leader in Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS or RTI), data analysis, and reading intervention instruction.

“In some schools MTSS/RTI is losing steam because other initiatives are consuming educators’ attention. I’m concerned about diverting focus away from MTSS/RTI,” said Dr. Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of 95 Percent Group.  “A systemic approach to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students should be nonnegotiable in elementary schools.”

In her new book, Dr. Hall candidly shares her experience as a literacy expert in helping school districts successfully implement and sustain effective MTSS/RTI processes.  Having observed and interviewed leaders at “beat-the-odds schools” for over 20 years, she focuses on leadership strategies that matter.

Download the complete press release here: 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention.

Capital, DE School District and Indianola, IA Community Schools Named 2016-2017 R.E.A.D. Award Winners 

Capital School District Partners with 95 Percent Group to   
Accelerate K‐1 Reading Performance

Dover, DE - Capital School District recently received the R.E.A.D. Award from their literacy
partner, 95 Percent Group Inc, recognizing significant reading improvement for K‐1 students during the 2016‐17 school year. The yearly honor is given to schools or districts that demonstrate instructional excellence and dedication, in using 95 Percent Group’s processes and products, to support readers who struggle.

“The 95 Percent Group implementation began as a district initiative to improve the knowledge and skills of district instructional leaders, school level coaches, reading interventionists, K‐1 special educators, and K‐1 classroom teachers,” said Pam Herrera, Director of Elementary Instruction. 

Capital School District saw outstanding EOY 2016‐2017 results. The Kindergarten DIBELS Next
composite scores showed that 84% of students met Benchmark, a 21% increase over the prior year.  Also, there was a 40% increase in the number of students meeting Benchmark from the beginning to the end of the school year. 

Capital DE READ Award Presentation
Judie Caroleo, 95 Percent Group’s Director of Training and Development, presented the R.E.A.D. Award to the Capital School District during a recent School Board meeting.   

 “The reading growth in the district exemplifies their commitment to using data-based decision making to improve outcomes for all students,” said Caroleo.  “From the district office to the building level administrators, literacy coaches and the teachers who are providing the instruction, everyone in the Capital School District works tirelessly to meet student needs.”

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Press Release Capital School District Named R.E.A.D Award Winner.

Indianola Community Schools Honored for Student Reading Achievement in Grades 1 - 3

Indianola, IA95 Percent Group recently presented Indianola Community Schools with the company’s prestigious  R.E.A.D. Award for demonstrating instructional excellence and dedication supporting readers in the district’s four elementary schools.

“Our partnership with 95 Percent Group began in 2015 when district teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators were asked to attend reading workshops and conferences throughout the country to learn more about what was available to help teach and improve student’s reading skills,” said Cindy Slauson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  

Since Fall 2015, when Indianola Community Schools implemented a plan using 95 Percent Group reading intervention training and products, the reading proficiency rate among students in grades 1-3 has risen 12.6%.  In Spring 2017, the Iowa FAST Assessment indicated that 83.5% of all students in grades 1-3 were proficient, up from 66.4% at the beginning of this implementation.  Also, when comparing composite scores with six other districts in the Des Moines, IA. regional area; Indianola posted the largest and only double-digit increases in reading proficiency for the past two years: 14.4% (2015-2016) and 10.6% (2015-2017).

Download the complete press release here:  Indianola Community Schools Named R.E.A.D. Award Winner.


95 Percent Group News

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Brad Lindaas Named President

Lincolnshire, IL – 95 Percent Group announced today that Brad Lindaas has been named President, effective February 26. 

As President, Lindaas will have direct responsibility for overseeing theBrad Lindaas, President 95 Percent Group company’s day-to-day operations including consulting, marketing, sales, technology, and finance. Lindaas brings over 20 years of education market experience, across a wide-range of responsibilities including sales, product management, business development, strategy, technology architecture, customer service, and operations.  Before joining 95 Percent Group, he served as the Vice President of Strategy for ACT, Inc., Iowa City, IA.  

Lindaas will report directly to the Co-Founders of the company, Susan L. Hall, Ed.D., CEO, and C. David Hall, COO.

“After achieving great success and growth for the past 13 years, Susan and I will be taking on more strategic roles that allow us to focus on product development, broaden brand awareness, and promote other important initiatives,” said David Hall.  “We were pleased to find a highly talented and experienced senior manager from the K-12 education industry.  Brad has extensive market knowledge, and we look forward to continued growth with our expanded executive team,” he added.

David Hall will continue as COO and focus his efforts on technology, supporting new business initiatives, intellectual property, and human resources.  In Dr. Susan Hall’s continuing role as CEO, she will dedicate more time to product development especially in blended and online professional development, an area in which the company has experienced recent success with a number of clients.

Download the complete press release here:  Brad Lindaas Named President at 95 Percent Group.

READ Award Indianola 2018

Dr. Susan Hall, 95 Percent Group CEO and Co-Founder  presented  the R.E.A.D. Award at Wilder Elementary School, the first school in the district to pilot the reading intervention program. 

 “It’s been a pleasure working with teachers and administrators across the district, to witness your dedication, and to see so many students achieve reading proficiency,” said Dr. Hall.  “We look forward to continuing this partnership with Indianola and to supporting your continued success.”