95 Percent Group Kilpatrick Webinar Series

The Kilpatrick Webinar Series, based on David Kilpatrick's book, Essentials of Assessing, Preventingand Overcoming Reading Difficulties, is presented by Dr. Susan Hall Ed. D., Co-Founder and CEO of 95 Percent Group.  Dr. Hall is a nationally recognized leader in RTI, data analysis, and reading instruction.  In each of the 30 minutes webinars, she shares her in-depth reading intervention experience that she acquired working as a consultant to districts and schools across the United States. 

In addition to watching the webinar series, 95 Percent Group provides a complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener. Teachers can use this resource to assess students in grades 2-4 once a year to identify phoneme manipulation skill deficits and provide the appropriate intervention.

Webinar #1: Rethinking Phonological Awareness

For at least ten years, educators have followed a widely-held practice of teaching and assessing phoneme segmentation as the top skill to be mastered before the end of first grade.  Yet, according to Kilpatrick (2015), the most important phonemic awareness skill for word recognition may be higher on the continuum.  Have we been stopping too early in our assessments? 

Watch this webinar to see what 95 Percent Group recommends for teaching and monitoring the acquisition of phonological awareness skills up the continuum so that phoneme manipulation skills (addition, deletion and substitution) are mastered.

Webinar #2: Orthographic Mapping is a Critical Skill for Learning New Words

Kilpatrick (2015) and other researchers suggest that good readers recognize so many words by sight they rarely need to employ phonics skills.  Orthographic mapping is essential for making the connection between sounds and letters.

In this webinar, Dr. Hall demonstrates effective instructional practices that help students more efficiently learn to read unfamiliar words and add them to the bank of words that are recognized effortlessly upon sight.

Webinar #3: Helping Older Students Master Phonemic Manipulation Skills

Given that phonemic manipulation skills are critical to word learning to read unfamiliar words, how do we teach these skills to older students?  

Teachers need strategies to work with students in second grade and above who have not mastered phoneme manipulation. The instructional practices will not look like the PA that is taught in kindergarten.  In this webinar, Dr. Hall shares tips, explicit instructional strategies, and procedures for teaching phoneme manipulation skills to students beyond K-1.

Download our Complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener

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Don't forget to download our complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener for teachers to assess students in grades 2-4 once a year to assess phoneme manipulation skill deficits and provide the appropriate intervention.  

This will be a great resource to have on hand in your to the classroom.  Additional information about this critical skill can be found in our blog, Mastering Phoneme Substitution.