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The 95 Phonics Chip Kit™ and intervention

Learning to read occurs in stages and requires a strong phonics foundation. Fluent readers have combined strong phoneme proficiency with letter-sound proficiency to enable accurate and efficient recognition of unknown words. The most effective intervention strategies for reading include explicit instructional routines that teach the connection between letters and sounds.

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An effective intervention resource

At 95 Percent Group our mission is to help schools improve reading performance. We understand that phonics is a primary building block and without that well-developed foundational skill, students will struggle to read. Effective interventions provide focused instruction beginning with the lowest deficit skill. Screening students with a diagnostic screener will pinpoint skill deficits and provide teachers with information that allows for focused intervention instruction.

After pinpointing your students’ phonics challenges, place students in groups and provide targeted reading intervention specifically designed to master targeted skills along a phonics continuum that moves from the simplest skill to the most complex. The 95 Phonics Chip Kit™: Basic is an effective intervention resource that helps teachers explain phonics patterns using colored manipulatives and sound-spelling mapping, rather than just teaching individual word reading memorization. The instruction begins at the sound level and explicitly teaches students the mapping of speech to print.

This resource includes multisensory lessons and manipulatives to support teaching instant recognition and reading of 32 basic phonics patterns. When using the 95 Phonics Chip Kit: Basic students will learn to accurately and automatically recognize phonics patterns. The kit also includes a proprietary design of color-coded shapes to signify the position of consonant and vowel sounds. The sound chips help students see phonics patterns, so they can more rapidly recognize them while reading unknown words.

Book cover titled Phonics Chip Kit Basic.

Download a sample lesson and try it with your students today!

The 95 Phonics Chip Kit: Basic provides teachers with everything they need to explain phonics patterns using manipulatives and sound spelling mapping. As you will see in this complimentary lesson, student attention is focused on identifying individual phonemes in words and analyzing sound-spelling patterns. The emphasis on sounds first and spelling later is key because it provides the foundation for orthographic mapping which facilitates the automatic recall of patterns without the need for laborious decoding each time the word is presented. Implementing effective reading intervention strategies in the classroom and helping students develop a strong phonics base is crucial for reading success. Happy Reading!

About 95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group is an education company whose mission is to build on science to empower teachers—supplying the knowledge, resources, and support they need—to develop strong readers. Using an approach that is based in structured literacy, the company’s One95 literacy ecosystem integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers and is proven and trusted to help students close skill gaps and read fluently. 95 Percent Group is also committed to advancing research, best practices, and thought leadership on the science of reading more broadly. For additional information on 95 Percent Group, visit:

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